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Philosophy of Education

Students watch in chapel service.

As a leading Christian school, Lancaster Mennonite School offers a comprehensive PreK-12 program designed to educate the whole person. The school warmly welcomes students and families desiring an education in a learning community shaped by the following distinctives: Christ-centered, educational excellence, peace and service, community, and faith-infused opportunities.

Lancaster Mennonite School promotes excellence in a student-centered environment that is age and ability-appropriate and builds skills not only for further education but also for lifelong learning. Teachers provide academic support and challenge while guiding and encouraging students to develop their gifts and discover their calling. The faith-infused educational program nurtures students’ spiritual life, curiosity, character and sense of responsibility. The school values teachers who invite students to transformational growth within the context of the local, national and global communities.

A diverse, multicultural environment that is welcoming, safe, trusting and respectful is an important component of the educational process. Lancaster Mennonite calls each student to personal faith and practices that value peacemaking and service. The school partners with the family and their congregation, Mennonite Church USA, other denominations and the wider community to transform students to change our world.

The school’s theological foundation is expressed in Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective.


LMS is shaped by the following distinctives:

  • Educational excellence
  • Christ-centered
  • Community
  • Peace and service
  • Faith-infused opportunities

  • Pam Tieszen

    Superintendent (717) 509-4459, ext. 301