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Why Choose Lancaster Mennonite School as Your Christian School?

Shaped by community

We choose our communities and then they shape us. The school a student chooses during the formative PreK-12 years greatly impacts who that student becomes. During the elementary and secondary years, basic beliefs and world views are formed.

With society’s focus on individualism, rationality and relativism, parents and educators should work together to prepare young learners for their future. As Christians, our first and most important calling—our first great commission—is to pass on faith to our children. When families choose Lancaster Mennonite School they are choosing a quality education, but more importantly, they are choosing a Christian education that will transform their children to engage our world with the transforming power of the gospel.

Why an LMS education?

The foundational view of American society emphasizes the here and now. In contrast, Christians believe life pertains to more than one can see or understand.  Lancaster Mennonite School prepares students for a Christian view of reality. They learn how to live and serve beyond themselves so they can engage in work that will have a lasting impact on the church and society.  Lancaster Mennonite School provides a Christ-centered education that transforms lives to change our world.

How is LMS different?

Spiritual Life

There are schools that provide a quality education, schools that emphasize community, and schools that operate in the Christian faith tradition. Some schools offer more than one of these characteristics. LMS uniquely combines all three.

Public schools are legally prohibited from nurturing Christian faith, the heart of Lancaster Mennonite’s mission. Through the LMS educational experience, students develop a faith based on the “evidence of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen.” Thus, Christian faith lays a foundation that will serve all seasons of life.

In our community setting, students build friendships that provide a lifetime support system, as evidenced by alumni who share their stories. Within these significant relationships, students learn to include and respect all people—a value enhanced by the school’s rich racial/ethnic diversity.

The LMS educational program

LMS is a comprehensive Christian school that, in addition to providing a quality college-prep program with Advanced Placement classes, offers classes in Technology Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, and Business Education—all within well-maintained facilities that encourage learning.

LMS has developed experiences that enable students to identify their abilities. The school then encourages students to study careers that use those gifts and abilities. Bringing together gifts and Christian call not only sets the stage for fulfilling lives; it helps prepare students for work that will bless and serve the church and society.

LMS seniors score well above state and national averages on college entrance exams, enabling them to enroll in a wide range of colleges and universities. Local businesses notice and hire LMS graduates. However, more important than learning how to earn a living is learning how to live. LMS teaches students how to do that.

What is the school’s educational style?

Education at Lancaster Mennonite School is a conversation between the generations in the context of mutual respect and community. Faculty place emphasis on inquiry-based learning that teaches students to be lifelong learners. Students prepare not only to earn a living but also to live lives of integrity, peace, love, humility, justice, and respect for all people.

Teachers, working with parents, create the heart of our school. Seeing happy children who are challenged with realistic expectations is of high value to them. For our faculty, teaching is not just a profession; it is a calling to share God’s love as they help to pass on the Christian message to the next generation.

Several years ago a team of public and private educators visited the school for accreditation. After the three-day visit, which included classroom observation and interviews with students, parents and teachers, the team used one word to describe the school—compassionate.


Students on campus thrive in music, drama, chess, mini-courses, spelling bees, academic quiz bowl, and the local scholastics art show where students have advanced to national recognition. FFA, Future Business Leaders of America, and the Family and Consumer Science Association also enhance the high school curriculum, along with 13 sports that participate in the Lancaster-Lebanon League. All of these have been highly competitive, resulting in many awards and trophies.

Can I afford the tuition?

LMS seeks to keep tuition affordable and provides financial aid for families who cannot pay the stated tuition.  The school encourages families to consider Christian education as they prioritize their financial needs. Education cannot be taken away by anyone. It is an investment that informs and instructs throughout one’s life. Visit the Admissions section for more information on scholarship, financial aid, and tuition.

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