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Educational Program

As a comprehensive, holistic school, LMS helps students of diverse abilities and interests be all they can be. The student body includes students with academic difficulties as well as Merit Scholars; it includes those who want to work with their hands as well as those who aspire to work towards professional careers. The formation of artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and skilled technicians is not measured by SAT scores. However, the following are some indicators of educational quality at Lancaster Mennonite School.

Advanced Placement Scores.

LMH's academic excellence is evidenced by significantly higher Advanced Placement test success of LMH students versus PA and national averages, according to College Board data. The 5-year trend clearly reflects the growing strength of LMH's academic program that drives increasing AP success while PA and national averages remained unchanged over the years. LMH is exceptionally strong in AP Calculus AB for which our students achieved a mean score of 4.57 in 2014 compared to PA and national averages of 3.24 and 2.94, respectively. For other AP subjects such as Biology, Environmental Science, Statistics, US History and World History, LMH students out-performed PA and National averages by significant margins.

College Entrance Exam Scores surpass county, state and national averages. The SAT tests for LMS students consistently surpass the average scores for Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and USA schools. Lancaster Mennonite High School also exceeded the state and national averages for Christian schools and for private "prep" schools in the verbal and writing portions of the test. See Academic Profile page.

Terra Nova Test Scores

Tera Nova Scores Show Progress. Under the guidance of exceptional teachers and a carefully-planned curriculum, LMS students advanced steadily in academic and cognitive abilities from elementary right through middle school. The 2010 through 2015 Tera Nova test results of LMS class of 2019 confirms a significant progression in Reading, Language and Math from the time they were in 3rd grade to the final 8th grade in middle school (see graph). LMS' academic excellence is evidenced by the solid performance of our students in this standardized achievement test compared to students at other schools in the same grade level. For Reading in 8th grade, LMS class of 2019 outperformed 80% of other students in the country. For Language and Math, the LMS 2019 cohort scored in the 75th and 79th percentile nationally.

For its size, LMS produces many National Merit Scholars and Commended Scholars. LMS receives positive feedback from colleges regarding the academic preparation of LMS graduates. LMS alumni have entered highly selective colleges and universities. See Academic Profile page.

LMS students do well in various competitions with students from other schools. LMS students consistently win regional and national awards in art, music, writing, FFA and other competitions.

LMS teachers are caring, competent professionals. Most of the faculty possess advanced degrees and have lived or studied in other countries, bringing a truly global perspective to their teaching. A number of LMS teachers have received recognition at the local, state and national levels.

LMS’s holistic programs have a winning tradition. In athletics as well as clubs like FFA and FBLA, LMS programs consistently win at local, district and state levels. LMS students have been recognized at the national level for writing, art, spelling and other endeavors. See Academic Profile page.

Surveys of parent satisfaction give LMS high marks. Highly-educated and quality-minded parents are satisfied with Lancaster Mennonite School. The fact that many doctors, lawyers, college professors, school administrators, psychologists and educators want an LMS education for their children speaks well of the school's educational quality. Many quality-conscious and results-oriented businesspersons also are satisfied that an LMS education is worth the investment.

Lancaster Mennonite School is accredited by AdvancEd and the Mennonite Education Agency. Being accredited means that LMS has met all the standards for accreditation by these two groups and that it has developed and is implementing a measurable plan for student growth in core academic areas as well as spiritual growth. Another component of the LMS Strategic Plan for Educational Growth is a PreK-12 Career Education program that will help students understand their gifts and calling in relation to career and education paths where they can use their passions to earn a living and witness to the Kingdom of God.