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Sustaining Hope Endowment

J. Richard ThomasJ. Richard Thomas, Superintendent

Endowments are legacy gifts that exist in perpetuity. These gifts, representing the vision of the donor, are carefully managed by Lancaster Mennonite School to provide permanent, ongoing support for our students and programs. Endowments are managed to provide annual income and also to grow the corpus (the body of the endowment) so that the gift does not lose purchasing power over time. Endowment gifts may be made from current income, planned giving and estates.

Ensuring Student Opportunity

Nothing we do to improve the quality of a Lancaster Mennonite education will matter if students and families cannot afford the opportunities we offer. Need-based scholarships are the school’s top priority.

Financial barriers block the dreams of many parents and students. Every year, talented students who desire a LMS education do not enroll because their families cannot afford the cost of tuition. However, with the investment of our alumni and friends, we can keep LMS opportunities accessible.

Endowment enables LMS to:

  • Offer merit scholarships for grades 6-12. These scholarships, available for new students coming to LMS in grades 6-12, enable us to attract students of merit who enrich our learning community
  • Provide need-based scholarships for students who do not have the financial resources to pay the full cost of tuition. To provide assurance that scholarship awards are fair and equitable, scholarship amounts are based on the recommendation of an independent scholarship processing agency that reviews applicants’ financial statements
  • Recruit quality students and enable students to seize the opportunities of an LMS education.

A strong future is provided by giving to established endowments, to new endowments for educational programs and staff positions, or to a general endowment that helps cover the difference between the tuition revenue and the actual cost of education. Endowments enable LMS to be a premier leader in PreK-12 educational excellence and character development. Through local and global connections and the Spirit’s power, we will transform students to change our world through the power of Christlike love, peacemaking and service. 


J. R. Thomas

J. Richard Thomas

Advancement Office

  • Heidi Stoltzfus

    Director of Advancement (717) 509-4459 ext. 308
  • Mackenzie King

    Annual Giving Officer (717) 509-4459 ext. 709
  • John Denlinger

    Advancement Associate (717)509-4459 ext. 706
  • Keri Bloom

    Administrative Assistant for Advancement (717) 509-4459 ext. 701


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