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New Century Jubilee Campaign Celebration

LMS celebrates the New Century Jubilee campaign and all that it has accomplished for our students. Click this link and watch the video showcasing the investments made in facilities, endowment and our students. It certainly is encouraging to reflect on all that has been accomplished and the impact LMS has had on so many students. It is clear from the student testimonies in this video that LMS is doing a great job in transforming lives.

Anne Lamott, acclaimed author, writes about three prayers: Thanks, Help and Wow. During the New Century Jubilee campaign, I have uttered all three prayers numerous times. You generously responded to our prayers and requests for help. Gifts often made me say, "Wow."

Another thing that makes me pray, "Wow" and "Thank You" is seeing God at work at LMS. The depth of character and caring in students challenges me and energizes me to continue to strive to provide an excellent education to them. Graduate Natalie Brubaker (2012) said it well, " this context I feel I have been able to truly develop my character and the reasoning behind my beliefs."

During the ten years of the NCJ campaign, you and other friends partnered with the school to graduate 1,800 students. You have also enabled the following:

  1. Your gifts of $8 million have enabled us to end each fiscal year with a positive balance in the operating account.
  2. You have directed $5.6 million in Educational Improvement Tax Credit dollars to help more than 4,000 students attend LMS.
  3. Your vision for excellence has increased our active endowment from $1 million to $12 million.
  4. Your investment has built the following facilities:
  • Parke G. Book Building for Agriculture and Technology Education
  • Athletic facilities including the turf field, stadium seating, concession stand, restroom facilities, lights for turf and baseball fields, new track and field facility
  • New Danville entrance and internal improvements
  • Rutt Academic Center
  • New playgrounds, roofs and other capital improvements
  • Gateway to Kraybill entrance, office and classroom space.

Altogether your generous giving and investments have yielded over $40 million for LMS students during this campaign.

Again I pray, "WOW," and "Thank you." LMS celebrates your vision that our school will be a premier leader in PreK-12 educational experiences of excellence and character development. Through local and global connections and our partnership with you, we transform students to change our world through the power of Christlike love, peacemaking and service.

You have helped us build bridges to the future, and we are grateful.


J. R. Thomas

J. Richard Thomas

Advancement Office

  • Heidi Stoltzfus

    Director of Advancement (717) 509-4459 ext. 308
  • Mackenzie King

    Annual Giving Officer (717) 509-4459 ext. 709
  • John Denlinger

    Advancement Associate (717)509-4459 ext. 706
  • Keri Bloom

    Administrative Assistant for Advancement (717) 509-4459 ext. 701


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