1978 Class Reunion

Thirty years ago, when AT&T Bell was inventing the first cell phone, the LMH class of 1978 was walking over the bridge to graduate. That class held their 30 year reunion at the Alumni Dining Hall on Saturday evening, September 20, 2008. Those who could come by 5:30 enjoyed hors de vors and began reminiscing and reuniting. By 6:30 over 60 people sat down to a meal of prime roast beef. Although no formal program was planned, each round table had a memory challenge before them including trivia from 1978. This paper included questions such as: naming 2 of the 5 couples who married classmates, the color of the girls athletic uniform, cost of an ice-cream sandwich, the organ which frequently gave Mr. Kreider trouble, and what is “SSS” and “606”? Julie Bare Horst, who gave leadership to the reunion committee reviewed the trivia answers, and centerpieces were awarded, like

those who drove the farthest (1,340 miles) and who had the most children (9). Energetic discussions followed the meal as people enjoyed mingling with each other as some 70’s music played in the background. The ’78 yearbooks which floated helped with any “senior moments”. An informal poll named Anne (Martin) Bontrager as one who had changed the most. Reunion booklets were purchased which Brenda Hollinger Plowman had updated with current information: address, children, employment, church, achievements, etc. We took those books home to peruse at our leisure, and now have updated e-mails, addresses and questions for the next time around.