Thirty LM Students Receive National Scholastic Writing Awards

Thirty LM students recently received National Scholastic writing awards, including three Gold Key awards. At the high school level, Eden Addisu won a Gold Key for the short story, “When I Felt Accepted” and Tiffany Iraheta won a Gold Key for her short story, “Look through Your Eyes.”  Isabella Astuto, collected two Silver Keys and two Honorable Mention recognitions for her work. At the middle school level, Locust Grove Campus student Madeleine Gerz won a Gold Key in the Flash Fiction category for her “Sense of Hope”.

The winners of Scholastic Gold Keys advance to national competition in New York. Scholastic Gold Keys are also recognized at commencement exercises for graduating LMH seniors.

Kudos to the teachers who worked to have students enter this contest and win.

Award Winners

Lancaster Campus

Gold Key Awards

  • Eden Addisu ’21, Gold Key, Short Story, “When I Felt Accepted”
  • Tiffany Iraheta ’21, Gold Key, Short Story, “Look through Your Eyes”

Silver Key Awards

  • Isabella Astuto ’21, Silver Key, Flash Fiction, “Dear Hazel”
  • Isabella Astuto ’21, Silver Key, Humor, “The Hidden Fear”
  • Ashton Clatterbuck ’19, Silver Key, Poetry, “I have no choice but to act”
  • Kylie Dagit ’21, Silver Key, Flash Fiction, “Living Without You”
  • Sydney Esch ’18, Silver Key, Critical Essay,” The Environmental Crusade: Rachel Carson’s Influence”
  • Doran Kennedy ’21, Silver Key, Science Fiction & Fantasy, “The Pink Gorilla”
  • Courtney Lehman ’21, Silver Key, Short Story, “From Sisters to Twins”
  •  Rachel Mast ’18, Silver Key, Personal Essay & Memoir, “A Hike to Remember”
  • Olivia Shumaker ’21, Silver Key, Short Story, “Paula’s Dilemma”
  • Braeden Stevens ’21, Silver Key, Flash Fiction, “Back Again”
  • Noelle Stringer ’21, Silver Key, Short Story, “A Song of Hope”

Honorable Mention Awards

  • Isabella Astuto ’21, Honorable Mention, Personal Essay & Memoir, “5th Grade Lunches”
  • Isabella Astuto ’21, Honorable Mention, Poetry, “Not My Fault”
  • Bethany Bronkema ’18, Honorable Mention, Critical Essay, “The Fuel of the Future”
  • Carli Costello ’18, Honorable Mention, Personal Essay & Memoir, “Floyd”
  • Robsan Dinka ’21, Honorable Mention, Short Story, “The Fall of King Harry”
  • Megan Esch ’21, Honorable Mention, Short Story, “Date of Death”
  • Zuriel Flores ’21, Honorable Mention, Short Story, “Russell’s Life in School”
  • Jonathan Glick ’21, Honorable Mention, Short Story, “Security and Freedom”
  • Jillian Hargraves ’21, Honorable Mention, Short Story, “The Prize to Die For”
  • Leilani Krady ’21, Honorable Mention, Short Story, “To Slay a Dragon”
  • Joy Rutt ’18, Honorable Mention, Personal Essay & Memoir, “Just Dance: Worship”
  • Mikaela Zimmerman ’20, Honorable Mention, Short Story, “Sounds of Music”

Other winners in the LM system:

  • Madeleine Gerz ’22, Gold Key, Flash Fiction, “Sense of Hope” (Locust Grove)
  • Valerie Jacobs ’22, Silver Key, Short Story, “The Man in the Shadows” (Locust Grove)
  • Olivia Paul ’22, Silver Key, Short Story, “I’m Totally Not Stressed” (Kraybill)
  • Abby Brubaker ’23, Honorable Mention, Flash Fiction,” Fighting For Our Lives” (Locust Grove)
  • Seth Forry ’22, Honorable Mention, Flash Fiction, “Backwoods standoff” (Locust Grove)
  • Clint Landis ’22, Honorable Mention, Short Story, “Trouble in Montana” (Locust Grove)
  • Hannah Whisman ’22, Honorable Mention, Short Story, “Strong” (Locust Grove)
  • Maggie Will ’23, Honorable Mention, Personal Essay & Memoir, “The Big Oops” (Kraybill)

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is the nation’s longest-running, most prestigious recognition initiative for creative teenagers, and is the largest source of scholarships for young artists and writers. Since 1923 the awards are presented by The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, whose mission is to identify students with exceptional artistic and literary talent and present their remarkable work to the world. Students’ submissions are judged by leaders in the visual and literary arts. Jurors look for works that exemplify the Awards’ core values: originality, technical skill, and the emergence of personal voice or vision.