LM-Hershey Campus seniors will be giving their required formal senior presentations on March 13 and 14. Senior Class Advisor, Michelle Califf, is excited for students to reflect on their academic experiences and share their experiences with friends, family, teachers, peers, and the community. Hearing how students have been impacted by the many people in their lives is a once in a lifetime experience! Seniors are encouraged to attend as many of their classmates’ senior presentations that their schedule allows.

Student presentations will be held after school in Michelle Califf’s classroom, Room 127 at the Hershey Campus. Please use one of the entrances upstairs.

About Senior Presentations

LM-Hershey Campus students are encouraged to collect artifacts throughout their academic years at the Hershey Campus. Students are encouraged to incorporate certificates, pictures, and other items that showcase their triumphs and challenges throughout high school. The goal of a senior presentation is for students to reflect on their life so far, appreciate those who have nurtured them and to anticipate their future.

The presentation helps students to:

  • Discover their interests, skills, passion and God’s calling in their life, realizing that this discovery is a process and not a conclusion
  • Reflect upon stewardship of God-given gifts and resources
  • Discern their personal characteristics and Christian ethics needed for a vocation
  • Become aware of how their potential career can be Christ centered and missional
  • Review their personal high school plan in light of their current vocational goals
  • Select post-secondary opportunities that match their personal vocational interests and goals