student holding hand made card

On Friday, March 19 was LM’s first annual World Changer Day, LM second graders at our New Danville campus made cards for residents at Fairmount Homes. Their teacher, Sophie Dodge, shared “It was really special to see the care my students put into making the cards for the residents at Fairmount Homes. Even though they didn’t know the people who would receive their cards, I was moved by how much thought and time they put into writing their messages and decorating the cards in order to spread joy.

Here are a few of the sweet reflections from students!

Ivana – “If you send notes to someone, you can spread smiles wherever the notes go.”Boju – “I liked that we’re sending the cards to people and are going to help people to make them smile.
Rivers – “I felt good about it and I was really working hard on my cards because I felt like they need some love in their life. You’ll feel happy when you make others happy.
Kylar – “Cards are just cards but when you really work hard on them and take all of your time on them they can turn out to be really nice. On most of our cards we said things like ‘don’t forget to smile’ and ‘you can change the world’ so making cards was important to do because some people don’t know those things. It made me happy to give someone else joy and it would make them happy if they can give joy to another friend.
Zoel – “I am happy with myself because I worked hard on the cards.