Lancaster Mennonite School’s Kraybill Campus boys and girls track teams both placed first in the recent Commonwealth Christian Athletic Association Track and Field Championships, and both teams finished second in the Mid-Atlantic Christian Schools Association (MACSA) meet. The Commonwealth Christian Athletic Association is an athletic league composed of Christian schools in the central Pennsylvania area; MACSA is a regional association of schools located throughout the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

Troy Bomberger, the athletic director for the Kraybill Campus, credits a total team effort for the good results. Although the Kraybill Campus had few blue ribbons, the teams consistently placed several point-getters in all events.

In the CCAC championship meet, Aiden Hellein led the way for the boys with first-place finishes in the 100m dash and long jump, and a second-place finish in the 200m dash. He also anchored the first-place 4x100m relay team with Nathan Yoder, David Travis and Gabe Carlisle. At MACSA, Hellein placed fourth in both the 100m and long jump, and the boys 4×100 team took third place.

After Hellein, David Travis was the top boys CCAC point-getter, placing second in both the high jump and shot put, and fourth in the discus. He was also on the first-place 4x100m team, along with Gabe Carlisle, who placed second in the 400m dash and fourth in the 200m dash. Carlisle also finished second in the MACSA 200m championship.

Calla Ashley appeared on the podium three times for the Kraybill girls with first-place finishes in the 400m dash and 1600m, and second in the 800m race. Elaina Dinse took the stand four times for placing fourth in the 100m, fifth in both the 200m and long jump, and first as part of the 4×100 relay team with Katie Kimbark, Natalie Fellenbaum, and Lily Saunders. Fellenbaum and Saunders also won four ribbons. Along with first place for the 4x100m, Saunders was fourth in the discus, fifth in the long jump, and third in the hurdles, an event in which she placed second at the MACSA meet. Fellenbaum was fourth in the 200m, sixth in the 100m and helped the 4x200m relay team to a second-place finish with four-time medalist Lauren Will who placed third in the 400m and 800m, and fourth in the 1600m race.

Jolynn Rosenberry, the MACSA high jump champion, took second place in the CCAC event and scored points for the team in the 400m (sixth) and 1600m (third), while Kayla Azaroff took first place in the high jump and placed sixth in the 100m hurdles.

The Kraybill Campus is one of five campuses of Lancaster Mennonite School in Lancaster, New Danville, Smoketown and Hershey that altogether serve about 1,600 in pre-kindergarten through high school. The Kraybill Campus in Mount Joy offers pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

Full CCAC Results


  • 100m: 1. Aiden Hellein 6. Damian Allman
  • 200m: 2. Hellein 4. Gabe Carlisle
  • 400m: 2. Carlisle 6. Zach Lees
  • 800m: 3. Lees 4. Nate Yoder 6. Luke Yunginger
  • 1600m: 2. Lees 6. Yoder 6. Yunginger
  • 110m Hurdles: 3. Allman 5. Justin Gibble
  • 4x100m: 1. Yoder, Travis, Carlisle, Hellein
  • 4x200m: 2. Lees, Owen Nell, Reese Deibler, Dakota Frantz
  • High Jump: 2. David Travis 4. David Allman
  • Long Jump: 1. Aidan Hellein 5. Dylan Gibble
  • Shot Put: 2. Travis 3. Dylan Gibble
  • Discus: 2. Dylan Gibble 4. Travis 5. Justin Gibble


  • 100m: 4. Elaina Dinse 6. Natalie Fellenbaum
  • 200m: 4. Fellenbaum 5. Dinse
  • 400m: 1. Calla Ashley 3. Lauren Will 6. Jolynn Rosenberry
  • 800m: 2. Ashley 3. Will
  • 1600m: 1. Ashley 3. Rosenberry 4.Will
  • Long Jump: 4. Dinse 5. Lilly Saunders
  • Shot: 4. Katie Kimbark 5. Lauren Young
  • 100m Hurdles: 3. Saunders 5. Wenger 6. Azaroff
  • 4x100m: 1.Kimbark, Dinse, Saunders, Fellenbaum
  • 4X200m: 2. Young, Will, Kimbark, Fellenbaum
  • High Jump: 1. Azaroff 2. Rosenberry 3. Coakley
  • Discus: 4. Saunders


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