A group of 26 students is in Choele-Choel, Argentina, for 3.5 weeks for a cross-cultural minicourse. Sixteen of the students are from the Lancaster Campus and five are from the Hershey Campus. Teachers Brent Hartzler and Karen Karen Maddox are chaperoning the trip with two young adult leaders, Sophia Mast and Ellie Keen.

All of the students have had at least one year of Spanish and are improving the Spanish as they stay with host families, mostly from the Mennonite churches in Choele-Choel. Even though there is a language barrier, they are persistent with trying to communicate with one another.

The group visited three schools to meet students, hear presentations and play games together. July 11-14 they will be at the coast with an Argentine youth group and several of their leaders. The group will visit the small Mennonite church in Puerto Madryn, which is a church plant from the Choele-Choel church. The trip will end back in Choele-Choel with the host families. The group will be back in the USA on July 21.

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