Welcome to the New LM Website!

We are prepared to launch our new LM website. Like all websites, it is “a work in progress” and will be tweaked, expanded, updated and improved based on users’ needs and feedback as they actually navigate the site. We already know of many things we need to add as soon as we can, but did not want to delay the launch of what we believe to be an attractive and functional website. (See list of items we are working on.)

This new website is marketing oriented; its main purpose is to appeal to persons seeking a school for their children. Accordingly, enrollment-related information is the most visible and accessible. We have the opportunity to tell current staff and school families where to find items of interest to our internal audience.

On this new website, each campus has the opportunity to showcase itself as an individual school and highlight its unique features and events.  School families may want to go directly to the campus homepages that pertain to them. The “Information” tab on the campus menu bar will lead to in-house, campus-specific information such as lunch menus (for the Lancaster Campus, it will also contain Daily Announcements) and a link to the school calendar.

For the school calendar, you can also click  the big Event Calendar box at the bottom of the home page or click “view all” under “Upcoming Events. Links to onCampus are in the upper right of the home page (above “alumni” in the main menu) and in a black bar near the bottom of the page (with “Doc&Forms” and “Contact”).  If you are looking for documents and forms, that “Docs & Forms” link will take you to a page that compiles links to all the forms throughout the website.

If you can’t find something you want, please use the convenient SEARCH feature to search for the topic of interest.

If you have any questions or issues, please use the contact email address (info@lancastermennonite.org) or contact form on the contact page.

Work in Progress

Pictures. We have temporarily used some slightly dated LM pictures and some “stock photos” until we can take some new high-quality LM photos this spring that fit where older pictures or stock photos are currently used.  Also, on some pages, we have not yet installed a place have pictures of the staff involved in those areas, such as athletics, admissions and advancement.  This will be done soon.

Faculty/Staff Directory. We just have room for the basic information for faculty/staff now, and we are working to make the box for each staff person expandable to show more information, such as educational credentials.

Events. We are still working on a more sophisticated system for events. We are too late to have sections for our upcoming benefit auctions, but we are developing the capability to have mini-websites for the auctions and events like the Iron Bridge Run.

International Section. We are still linked to our old International section, with plans to update it to our new format in the near future and make changes that clarify the differences between Lancaster and Hershey.

Support Section. We have most of the pages in this section completed and will continue to add pages.

Alumni. The current issue of Bridges magazine is available while we are working on the re-establishing the archive of past Bridges magazines.

Curriculum Guides. We are in the process of developing a sophisticated system of searching through the 250 courses we offer in our Curriculum Guide.  Until this is completed, we have provided a link to a PDF of the Curriculum Guide.