March 14, 2020

Here is an update on the Residence Hall policies and operations during the school closure for COVID-19 per state requirements and health safety concerns. If you have any questions, about the Residence Hall please email:

Starting on Monday 3/16, the Residence Hall will be enacting special safety precautions to accompany the school’s closure. Students will remain in the Residence Hall until the school opens again.

  • All trips are cancelled. We will not have our normal Target trips, but students will be able to submit needs that will be taken care of for them.
  • Students will be permitted to spend time on campus. We are encouraging students to spend time outside and to exercise.
  • Students are not permitted to leave campus or go shopping.
  • All meals will be provided for students, in addition to an evening snack.
  • The kitchen staff have been doing a wonderful job coordinating meals and getting student feedback.
  • We have additional tables and chairs set up for students to use for meals, studying, and hanging out. There is plenty of extra space.
  • We are offering open gym everyday for an hour and a half. Students will also have access to a piano during this time.
  • Students are permitted to stay with an approved guardian during the closure by following the usual steps. Students may not stay with friends.

Last night we had a special Community Night. We reviewed the policies and set the expectations for what life in the Residence Hall would look like during this time. We were incredibly impressed at the maturity and understanding of the students. We have a truly wonderful group of students and we are proud to work with them. This time may be tough at
times, but I am confident that our community will make the most of the situation.

We are working hard to make this experience as easy as possible for everyone involved. The various departments in the school have been a big help to us in keeping the students healthy and well cared for.

One of our core values in the Residence Hall is communication. We commit to communicating with the students and you as plans evolve.

Many people have asked if there is anything that they can do for the Residence Hall. Something to consider would be purchasing items from our Amazon Wish List. The Residence Hall community will be spending lots of time together over the coming days. We would appreciate any items that would help keep students entertained and spirits high. The link is
available by clicking the button below.

We welcome your prayers during this time. Thank you for your support!

Brandon Riehl
Residence Hall Director