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The web of JOHN EBY’S ‘58 life has been connected to Lancaster Mennonite many different times throughout the past eighty years! John was a student at LMH, his wife Joyce taught mathematics in the high school for many years, and their family has been involved in board leadership for decades.

Through his charitable giving, John continues to build those connections and chooses to support current and future students of Lancaster Mennonite School!

One of the tools that John used to save for retirement was a traditional IRA. Over the years, those funds have grown into resources that he can use for more than just covering his living expenses. His IRA is now a source of generosity! 

Now that John is over the age of 73, he is required to take a certain amount out of that IRA each year (known as a Required Minimum Distribution). But rather than take that money out and then have to list that as income and pay taxes on it, John distributes those funds to Lancaster Mennonite and other organizations. John shares, “I do some giving with cash, but I’ve tried to shift all my charitable giving to come from my IRA. I receive a full deduction and it helps me meet my Required Minimum Distribution.

I support Lancaster Mennonite because my wife taught there for many years, and because I care about where the church is going to find the next generation of leaders.” We are so thankful for John and Joyce’s legacy of generosity and service!


  1. Give today through a QCD and make an immediate impact while reducing your taxable income.
  2.  Leave a lasting impact by designating LM as a beneficiary of your IRA.
  3. Open a Donor Designated Fund and spread QCD gifts out over time.


The Iron Bridge Society is a group of people that are passionate about leaving a legacy of Christ-centered education for generations to come. These friends have included Lancaster Mennonite in their planned giving and/or estate plan. Members are invited to select school events and receive estate planning and planned giving tips. Join today by contacting Kate Grieser, Director of Donor Guidance and Development.