Educational Program

For its size, LM produces many National Merit Scholars and Commended Scholars.

LM receives positive feedback from colleges regarding the academic preparation of LM graduates. LM alumni have entered highly selective colleges and universities.

LM students do well in various competitions with students from other schools.

LM students consistently win regional and national awards in art, music, writing, FFA and other competitions.

LMS teachers are caring, competent professionals.

Most of the faculty possess advanced degrees and have lived or studied in other countries, bringing a truly global perspective to their teaching. A number of LM teachers have received recognition at the local, state and national levels.

LM’s holistic programs have a winning tradition.

In athletics as well as clubs like FFA and FBLA, LM programs consistently win at local, district and state levels. LM students have been recognized at the national level for writing, art, spelling and other endeavors.

Surveys of parent satisfaction give LM high marks.

Highly-educated and quality-minded parents are satisfied with Lancaster Mennonite School. The fact that many doctors, lawyers, college professors, school administrators, psychologists and educators want an LM education for their children speaks well of the school’s educational quality. Many quality-conscious and results-oriented businesspersons also are satisfied that an LM education is worth the investment.

Lancaster Mennonite School is accredited by Cognia and the Mennonite Education Agency.

Being accredited means that LM has met all the standards for accreditation by these two groups and that it has developed and is implementing a measurable plan for student growth in core academic areas as well as spiritual growth.

LM Students Accepted to Top Colleges & Universities

National Universities

  • Princeton University #1
  • University of Chicago #3
  • Columbia University #5 (tie)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology #5 (tie)
  • Stanford University #5 (tie)
  • University of Pennsylvania #8
  • California Institute of Technology #10
  • Johns Hopkins University #11
  • Brown University  #14 (tie)
  • Cornell University #14 (tie)
  • Rice University  #14 (tie)
  • Vanderbilt University #14 (tie)
  • Georgetown University #20
  • Emory University #21
  • University of California Berkeley #21
  • UCLA #21 (tie)
  • University of Southern California #21
  • Carnegie Mellon University #25
  • University of Virginia #25
  • Wake Forest University #27
  • Tufts University #29
  • Boston College #32 (tie)
  • College of William & Mary #32 (tie)
  • Brandeis University #34 (tie)
  • Georgia Institute of Technology #34 (tie)
  • Boston University  #37 (tie)
  • Case Western Reserve University #37 (tie)
  • University of Miami #46
  • The Pennsylvania State University #52

National Liberal Arts Colleges

  • Amherst College #2
  • Swarthmore College #3
  • Washington and Lee University #10
  • Colgate University #12
  • Bucknell University #33
  • Lafayette College #36
  • Franklin & Marshall College #39
  • Bard College #46
  • Wheaton College #63
  • Hillsdale College #71


Regional Colleges & Universities

  • Chapman University #5 in Regional Universities West
  • University of Scranton #6 in Regional Universities North
  • Goshen College #6 in Regional Colleges Midwest
  • James Madison University #7 in Regional Universities South
  • Cedarville University #13 in Regional Colleges Midwest
  • Lebanon Valley College #24 in Regional Universities North
  • Bluffton University #27 in Regional Colleges Midwest
  • Eastern Mennonite University #41 in Regional Universities South
  • Messiah College #4 in Regional Universities in Northeast