An Evening of Stories and Songs

Featuring personal stories from alumni and staff around four themes that have been basic to LM.

Fine Arts Auditorium — no tickets needed — first come, first served.


Dan Hess, Moderator

Musical Interlude, Rosemary Blessing

A. “In the world but not of it”

(Three 3- to 4-minute stories)

1. Roy L. Brubaker

2. Ruth Jost

3. Peter Dula

Music — Group of male alums, coordinated by David L. Sauder

B. “Learning to set appropriate goals”

(Three 3- to 4-minute stories)

1. Jessica King

2. Dottie Weber

3. Don Hoover

Music — Congregational singing led by Margaret High

Short intermission

C. “Good times, hard times”

(Three 3- to 4-minute stories)

1. Soojung Ahn Kim

2. Sam Thomas

3. Deborah Weaver


Music — Mindy Nolt and Jared Hankee

D. “Making a difference”

(Three 3- or 4-minute stories)

1. Marcy Hostetler

2. Tom Eshleman

3. Ty Bair

Closing Prayer — Dan Hess