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We encourage you to give to Lancaster Mennonite on Tuesday, November 29, 2022. To make a donation click the button below.

LM Students Empowered to Become World Changers!

This is the first year that every Lancaster Mennonite student in grades PreK-12 is at one unified campus. It’s been wonderful to have increased opportunities for interactions and mentorship across the grade levels.  This is true for students and siblings, 12th grader, Matt Goppold and kindergartener, Maggie Goppold, who are the ‘bookends’ of our unified school.

I like seeing my older brother, Matt, at lunch during the school day. I like learning about God and Jesus during chapel and in Bible class at LM.”- Maggie Goppold, Kindergartener

“My favorite classes are anything related to science, and these challenging courses have prepared me well for the future. The tight-knit, diverse community at LM is unique, and it has definitely helped me grow in my faith.”Matt Goppold, 12th Grader

By growing in faith, building a supportive community, and learning skills that will equip them for the real world, Matt and Maggie are being empowered to become world changers!

Your gifts provide financial support for quality education and equip the next generation to change our world together! Thank you for believing in LM and equipping students, like Matt and Maggie, to change the world!