Glen Lapp Volleyball Tournament Logo

​2024 – 4 vs 4  Tournament
January 6 – BB division
11AM Start

2 gyms (4 courts) at Lancaster Mennonite School

  • Maximum 20 teams per division (day) so register early
  • $100 Per Team – Shirts can be ordered until mid Dec for an additional fee. Short sleeve, long sleeve, muscle. There will be a limited number available at the tournament
  • No refs – Laid back, call your own fouls… because that’s the way Glen would have wanted it
  • All teams are guaranteed at least 8 games
  • No roster size limit, but max 4 players at a time; you may play with less than 4 if the need arises

Rules for both divisions:
Rally score to 21
No rotation needed (only to serve)
No open hand dinks
May set over but shoulders must be parallel to net and must be clean