Scapino is a hysterical play that takes place on the docks along the Mediterranean Sea in Naples, Italy.  This slapstick comedy is about two couples, who, against parental opposition, get married.  Enter Scapino!, a bit of a scoundrel and a rogue who creates confusion and mix ups in order for the couples to receive parental blessings on their unions. When “Scapino!” opened on Broadway, the show received rave reviews from every critic.  Walter Kerr of New York Times wrote “If you miss it, you will be crazy and if you let your kids miss it, you will be simply inhuman.” 

Scapino! will be performed on the Lancaster Mennonite stage on November 4-6 at 7:00 pm and on November 7 at 3:00. 

Tickets may be reserved online at or by calling our box office at 717-740-2456.