Our Project-Based Learning (PBL) Middle School students are focusing all of their core subjects on theme of water this quarter. Exhibition night is their culminating presentation night, and the public is welcome. If you are curious about our PBL Middle School – this is a great way to check it out!


Water is a natural resource. Most of the world’s valuable resources, water included, are shared in common: where individuals, corporations, and governments have the right to freely use. A problem occurs when one person’s/institution’s use of water affects another’s access to safe, clean drinking water. It is our calling as followers of Jesus to be stewards, mindful of our local and global responsibility to care about our own resources and well-being,  as well as the resources and well-being of others. We will focus on how and how much water is used by people around the world, the access to and quality of water available to people, and water as a source of power.

Final project is: A Two-Voice Poem