2nd Quarter Unit Theme: To Infinity and Beyond

Unit Overview: 

As human beings, we are created to live out our faith as we explore and push the boundaries of the world around us. We are surrounded by unsolvable mysteries and indescribable wonders that call us to respond with openness to what is and what can be. To Infinity and Beyond looks at how these enigmas and marvels both challenge and inspire us. From the immense distances of space and the intricacies of atomic structure to the complex structures of human governments and the modern history of the Space Race, these phenomena break through the mundane, illuminating infinite possibilities in a finite world.

Exhibition Final Project:

Students are creating a group website based on their Mars research to answer “WHAT IF Mars colonization is possible?”  Students researched and designed different Mars habitats and created informational and persuasive videos about their Mars colony.  Website links will be shared with parents/families.