We are looking forward to this year’s formal senior presentations which are held on March 17 and 21.
As we prepare for these special evenings, we desire to share with you some information that will help make these evenings a significant part of your student’s senior year.
  • Presentations are scheduled after school between 3:30-8:00 pm.
  • Most presentations are in the 2nd Floor of the Academic Building.
  • While students are required to have adults in attendance, we strongly encourage you to invite extended family, friends, coaches, teachers, youth leaders, church friends and anyone else to these special presentations. An elevator is available in the building to access the second floor, as needed, please contact Kirk Benner at bennerkr@lancastermennonite.org if there is a need for the elevator.
  • Seniors are expected to attend at least 3 of their classmate’s presentations to meet graduation requirements on either of the presentation nights.
  • Seniors should dress business casual and present in a professional way throughout their presentation