For high school parents and guardian’s trying to connect with your student’s teacher for your virtual Parent Teacher Conference (PTC), please utilize these links below. You can also email the teacher if you have any problems – their email can be found here.

Parent Teacher Conference Zoom Links
Neil Reinford
Rachael Thomas
Lyn Carlson
Jonathan Stanley
Jenn Esbenshade
Nathan Sheffer C
Alex Ulloa
Lee Thurber
Duane Evans
Shawn Lassiter
Jon Metzler
Dean Sauder
Kris Horst
Horacio de la Rosa
monica marcinkoski
Matt Spurrier
Alice Lauver
Sheri Wenger
Seth Buckwalter
Brookye Keeney
Beth Weaver-Kreider
Ryan King
Karen Gyger
Stephen Kenkelen Join URL:
Emily Grimes
Jim Amstutz
Sean Boer
Janelle Lammey
Fred Winey