The Hershey Campus has a unique lunch program with a variety of choices available for students.

Monthly lunch options:

  • Monday: Chick-fil-A or Chinese option
  • Tuesday: Catered lunch
  • Wednesday: Pizza
  • Thursday: Subway
  • Friday: Catered lunch

Questions regarding the lunch program at the Hershey Campus can be directed to Carrie Shreve at

Summer Lunch Program

Schools or families may use any of the following methods to locate sites that serve free meals to children during the summer:

  • Call 211
  • Call 1-866-3Hungry or 1-877-8Hambre
  • Text “FOOD” or “COMIDA” to 877877 during the summer months
  • Text “SUMMER MEALS” or “VERANO” to 97779
  • Use the website:
  • Use the site locator for smartphones

This institution is an equal-opportunity provider.

Student Wellness

If you have interest in participating in wellness, contact the Superintendent or Food Service Director.