Hershey Intramural Sports

Basketball for 4th - 8th Grade Boys & Girls

The Hershey Intramural Sports (HIS) is a program of the Hershey Campus of Lancaster Mennonite School. The HIS program serves congregations, children and families by providing athletic activities within the Christian community, keeping Christ and the Church at the center of life. The HIS program enhances congregational youth ministries by allowing youth to play together in an environment that strengthens Christian character. Affordable: Registration fee: $5 Monthly: $25 (additional players in a family are $20.00 each, up to a maximum of $50.00 per family.) A HIS jersey is required to be purchased by the family for Monthly clinics. The Monthly fee must be paid on the 1st Sunday of the month. Practice and Game Facility Players will use the facility of the Hershey Campus of Lancaster Mennonite School, which offers HIS athletes the opportunity to use a first-class high school facility and training equipment. All practices will be held Sunday late afternoon/early evenings. Volunteers Needed! In order for the HIS program to be successful, we will need volunteers for coaches from the community. HIS focuses on learning the game, team unity, and good sportsmanship. The goals are for all children to enjoy practice, games, and to develop good Christian character through basketball.