Athletic Trainer

Athletic Trainer Information

Lancaster Mennonite High School has the privilege of partnering with CPRS Physical Therapy to provide Cal Napolitano as the athletic trainer. As the athletic trainer, Cal is available to work with any athlete who encounters a PIAA sports injury at practices or games.

Athletic trainers are “health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients.[i]

The certified athletic trainer (ATC) is the first person the athlete should be in contact with when there is an injury.  The ATC is onsite at all practices and games and provides immediate care for athletic injuries.  Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and intervention of emergency, acute and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations and disabilities (NATA).  Athletic trainers are also imperative in challenging injured athletes in a sport specific nature for the most efficient and safe return to play.  The ATC is able to triage each athlete to the appropriate sports medicine team member, if necessary.

Our athletic trainer is available at the school each day starting at about 1:30 and before and after every home game. He provides variable hours on Saturdays and non-school days to accommodate for games and practices.

[i] National Athletic Trainers’ Association website—

Lancaster Mennonite Physical day!!

Attention all upcoming 7th-12th-grade athletes.  If you are planning to play sports with Lancaster Mennonite School you will need a PIAA Physical dated after June 1, 2018. We are having ONE Physical Day on Tuesday, June 5, 2018.    This physical encompasses a musculoskeletal evaluation, thorough medical examination, as well as, a sport specific cardiac screening.    
Updated PIAA packets will be available after June 1, 2018. This packet must be completed and brought with you on Tuesday, June 5th
For: All Lancaster Mennonite Students in grades 7th-12th
Time: 3:00 – 5:30 (schedule an appt. w/Mrs. Sumrall)
Cost: $15.00 (cash only)
Location: Gym A 

Schedule an appointment with Mrs. Sumrall at (717) 740-2457.

Sports Physicals

Every LMS athlete must complete a Physical Packet. Each student athlete will need to complete and turn in every form in the physical packet on the deadline set by school administration. The deadline is usually one week before the start of the sport season.

The Physical Packet includes:

  • PIAA Physical Form (Section 1-6)
  • PIAA Parental and Physical Recertification Form (Section 7 & 8 are only needed by athletes who are seeking to participate in athletics in all subsequent sports season in the same school year who have already received a physical in that same school year)
  • Student Athlete Contract
  • Substance Abuse Policy
  • Coaches Emergency Information Card

Recertification form

PIAA Parental and Physical Recertification Form (Section 7 & 8) are only needed by athletes who are seeking to participate in athletics in all subsequent sports season in the same school year who have already received a physical in that same school year). 

Concussion Baseline Testing: ImPACT

The ImPACT program is a computerized test that assists our team physician/athletic trainer in evaluating and treating head injuries (e.g., concussions). The ImPACT test is for ninth and eleventh graders or any student new to LMS or to an above-mentioned contact/collision sport. Baseline testing will be held at the high school prior to the first day of practice. Specific dates and times will be determined by the Athletic Trainer and posted on the LMS Athletics homepage a few weeks before the start of each sports season. This non-invasive test is set up in “video-game” type format and takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.

Each student athlete participating in any one of the following sports must complete an ImPACT baseline test every two years:

  • Girls/Boys Soccer
  • Girls Field Hockey
  • Girls/Boys Basketball
  • Boys/Girls Volleyball
  • Girls Softball
  • Boys Baseball
  • Boys Lacrosse

If you have any questions about the Physical Packet, ImPACT testing or about the sports medicine program, please contact Cal Napolitano, LAT, ATC.