LunchTime Account Information

LunchTime Software Directions & Features

Lancaster Mennonite School has lunch software that allows parents direct access to school lunch account information and the ability to make online lunch deposits. This lunch software is called LunchTime. You may create a secure login and set up features that appeal to you.

  • See lunch account purchases & balance (Lunch purchases & balances may take up to 3 hours to be up-to-date after a purchase is made or a deposit is submitted)
  • Set up email reminders to notify you when your child’s lunch balance is getting low
  • Make online payments directly to your child’s lunch account (These payments can be manual or recurring based on your choice)

Below are the details for you to use to create your secure login to start using any of these features. All viewing and email notification features are free to you. If you opt to deposit money online, there is a charge for this service that is also outlined for you below and will be noted on the screen when you choose to make an online payment. This fee is charged by the software company to process the transaction.

To create a user account:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the postal zip code for the school your student attends – 17602 for the Lancaster Campus, 17602 for the Locust Grove campus or 17603 for the New Danville campus
  3. Click on the box next to the campus your student attends school
  4. Enter your personal account information & choose to create the account
  5. Login to add student(s) to your account
  6. Add payment information if you plan to use any of the online payment options
  7. Click “manage cafeteria account” to view purchases, view lunch account balance or to set up notifications. Click on the student’s name to see the desired information

Payments Online:

  • Please note that online payments may take up to 3 hours to appear on the school’s live lunch software.
  • ACH Payments – Pay online with your bank account information; $1 transaction fee per transaction. You may make one payment towards multiple student accounts. Example: You wish to deposit $50 in Sally’s lunch account. The total amount that will come out of your bank account will be $51. If your check is returned, a $30 fee will be assessed to your account.
  • Credit Card Payments – $1 transaction fee and 2.3% of the amount you wish to deposit into the student lunch account. Example: You wish to deposit $50 in Sally’s lunch account. The total amount that will be billed to your credit card will be $52.15.