Locust Grove and New Danville Families,

Let’s work together at home and at school. 

We use Seesaw because it supports strong relationships between teachers, students, and families. Together, we can support and celebrate your child’s learning inside and outside the classroom! We need ALL Locust Grove (Grades PreK-4th) and New Danville (Grades PreK-5th) families to connect to Seesaw. This is required for grades PreK-5th to connect before August 24th. Teachers will provide important weekly information and options for you to reference and practice at home. In the event that your child is absent for any reason, SeeSaw is the primary way to continue school work from home.

STEP 1: 

Parents/Guardians, connect your CHILD to their class on the Seesaw Class app.  

  • On a tablet or phone, download the Seesaw Class App. 

OR, on a laptop or desktop computers, go to

  • Click I’m a Student 
  • Look for your child’s home learning code attached to an email from the school. Enter the text code or scan the QR code


Connect as a PARENT your child’s class on the Seesaw Family app.

  • On a tablet or phone, download the Seesaw Family App. OR, on a laptop or desktop computer, go to
  • Wait to receive an email with a personal invitation.
  • Click the link
  • Create a new account or sign in to an existing account
  • Watch your student learn, grow, and succeed!

What is the difference between the Class app and the Family app?

  • Students use the Class app or log in as a Student at to post to their journal or complete assignments
  • Families use the Family app or log in as a Family Member at to view and engage with their child’s work, and to communicate with the teacher.

How do I manage notifications?

To ensure you stay up to date, make sure your notifications are turned ON. In your account settings, go to Manage Notifications. There you can set your preferences for email, text, or push notifications!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact IT at