Superintendent Letter

Dear friend,

Your partnership and investment are crucial for Lancaster Mennonite School to thrive. Your support helps students from diverse backgrounds to take advantage of the opportunities and faith community available at LM.

Opportunities — we all like them. We provide opportunities for our children and our grandchildren. LM provides valuable opportunities to a wide spectrum of students through many disciplines including STEM, FFA, agriculture technology, music, art, drama, athletics and more. We also offer 28 Advanced Placement and honors classes, and our PreK and learning support programs are highly respected throughout the county.

LM is also a place where local and global meet — where students think and act globally. Our graduate profile states that students, upon completing their schooling at LM, should:

  • Practice global awareness, cultural sensitivity and humility, and respect, with an anti-racist lifestyle and compassionate living
  • Have a love for God’s creation and its diversity in the natural environment and peoples
  • Cultivate a world view informed by Anabaptist/Christian faith
  • Respect all human life, and show commitment to forgiveness, understanding, reconciliation and non-violent resolution of conflict
  • Participate and be accountable in the life of a church community
  • Maintain healthy relationships with … family, church, workplace and community

These values are in our DNA and thus are interwoven into the curriculum through Bible memory, earth care clubs, chapels, history and economics classes and many other ways. Value is added to education at LM through character development, community, diversity, global connections, quality academics and teachers who love their students.

We invite you to consider opportunities to invest in providing this kind of education. Future generations will thank you.


Pam Tieszen

Financial statements are available upon request. Contact CFO, Lorri Hengst at (717) 740-2434 or