Annual Fund Information

What if I can give only a small amount?

Our school strength comes from everyone coming together and participating in events and giving. Every gift makes a difference and is appreciated, regardless of size. What is important is that we have all staff, board members and parents participating. As we all give as we are able and support events, we will meet the Annual Fund goal to provide our children with a values-added, faith-bases and excellent education.

What is the size of the operating budget?

LM currently has an annual operating budget of $16 million, with 7% of total spending projected to be covered by gifts. Other than tuition and gifts, the difference between tuition income and the cost of education comes from endowment, facility rentals, Educational Improvement Tax Credits (EITC), drama and athletic game income, etc.

What is included in the operating budget?

The operating budget includes all annual operations costs, along with renewal and replacement (which includes some smaller capital expenses to repair or bring renewal to the campus). For example, paving the back driveway at our New Danville Campus was a renewal/replacement project.