Creating the future, together

Together we are creators, innovators, and engineers of the future. Nestled for 79 years on a beautiful 95-acre campus, our school is surrounded by inspiration. Our dedicated teachers nurture our students curiosity and creativity with hands-on, high-quality academics, fine arts classes, and extracurricular opportunities. Our PreK-12 graders are from Lancaster County and the globe. They are empowered to change the world, one paint brush, sculpture, photograph, and act of kindness at a time.

We’re thrilled to showcase artwork from our talented students, introduce our amazing Art and Makerspace teachers, and share why all of them are inspired to create and make art.

Student Artists

Over the summer we asked several LM students to create their own version of our iconic Iron Bridge and to also share what excites them about the future we are crossing into together with all three of our campus unify to one campus next year.

In addition to the art created over the summer, our students were hard at work last year creating too. Here is a sampling of some of the amazing student artwork and makerspace projects from last school year.

Art & MakerSpace Teacher, Jenna Longacre

Longenecker,Jenna“What I love about teaching art is having the opportunity to nurture students’ innate creativity from a young age.

Through the art curriculum, I hope to teach students both technical skills, like gradation, blending, and burnishing, as well as soft skills, like persistence, resourcefulness, and communication.

Art Teacher, Brookye Keeney

I enjoy teaching art because I am a maker! Over the years I’ve learned how to make art with a variety of artistic media and enjoy sharing that knowledge with others. Art is particularly fun to teach because I get to give students a platform to express themselves. They bring in their ideas and I help guide them through the artistic process. I’m always learning about new art materials and techniques that I can bring into my classroom. Sometimes as students are exploring how to make art in my classroom they share something new with me or introduce me to an artist I didn’t know about, which is really exciting too.”

In my classroom, I like to have a mix of direct instruction where students learn from watching a demonstration and student agency where students have space to play and explore ideas and different ways of creating their art.

Reflection is an important part of my teaching practice because it provides me with a window into what each student is learning. Students create an artist blog with weekly progress entries that give insight to their struggles, triumphs, and learning. These might be related to technique or artistic skill building or softer skills like perseverance and collaboration.”

Classes Available

LM is proud to have a wide range of Fine Arts and STEAM classes available, including music, theatre, robotics and more. Learn more about the Fine Arts Program, STEAM curriculum and classes available but clicking the buttons below.