Middle School Counseling

Walking with Students

We facilitate the holistic development of all students by assisting students in planning educational careers through high school and beyond, offering support in the midst of emotional/family stresses, encouraging students to make responsible life decisions, and arranging educational services to meet unique learning needs.

career development

Developing an interest for future plans is an important part of the guidance and development process among the middle schools at all campuses. Students will explore careers and career paths throughout their middle school years that will help them to develop a plan for the future. Career path development at the middle school level leads into the development that is a part of the high school advisory groups.

course selection

Eighth-grade students should begin to review the Curriculum Guide to be familiar with the courses offered before the high school course selection process begins in January with their counselors.


At times through school, students may need additional tutoring support. The school counseling office can help to coordinate tutoring opportunities. Depending on the subject areas, the counseling team may have connections with current high school students who tutor during their study hall or after school. Please contact the school counselor to see if there are students available to serves as a tutor for your child.

On-site Counseling Services

Counseling services are available on-site at the school by TEAMCare to students in grades PreK-12 (all students). Sessions with clients are available during the school day, and are an additional cost depending on your insurance. Our IU-13 counselors will still continue to provide support to students, this is for additional services that our students may require.