School Counseling

Walking with students

We facilitate the holistic development of all students by assisting students in planning educational careers through high school and beyond, offering support in the midst of emotional/family stresses, encouraging students to make responsible life decisions, and arranging educational services to meet unique learning needs.

School Counseling News

The School Counseling department sends a monthly newsletter, School Counseling News by email, starting in August. The School Counseling News provides caregivers with important information about tracking academic progress and preparation for life after high school. This includes information about testing, course selection and more.

Cooperative Courses

  • Lancaster County Career and Technology Centers
    In addition to offering its own technology courses, LMH participates with Lancaster Career and Technology Center for technology training. Certain courses may receive college credit through a special arrangement with Harrisburg Area Community College.
  • Advanced Studio Music Program
    LMH also has a special arrangement for students who desire a special music focus in their curriculum. Students can take advanced music courses during the school day that can be added to their high school transcript. An individualized plan is designed for each student. Some of the courses offered are independent lessons with college-level instructors, music theory and composition.

Advisory Groups

On Wednesdays, during period three, students meet in faculty-led advisory groups of about 15 classmates. Advisory groups provide an avenue for students to interact with their peers outside of their established circle of friends, to ensure that each LMH student has the opportunity to connect with a staff member, to provide an opportunity for sharing and prayer in a small group setting, and to oversee and hold the portfolio for each student’s work, which will culminate in the senior presentation.

On-site Counseling Services

Counseling services are available on-site at the school by TEAMCare to students in grades PreK-12 (all students). Sessions with clients are available during the school day, and are an additional cost depending on your insurance. Our IU-13 counselors will still continue to provide support to students, this is for additional services that our students may require.