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We welcome news about you and your family. Please keep us updated with your contact information and sending us news for Bridges magazine, which always includes an alumni section. Most grads attest to making life-long friendships. We hope to facilitate those ongoing connections and friendships through reunions and other alumni events. Nominations are now being accepted for the Alumnus of the Year Award. This award presented yearly to one or two alumni who recently have made a significant contribution through service in their community, profession, family or church. Please send suggestions to Jon Heinly at

Harold & Ruth Mast Class of '65 & '66

Both Ruth and Harold have given of their time and talents to strengthen the school community, with Ruth serving as a longtime volunteer in the LM office and Harold serving on the LM Board of Directors for 21 years.

In 2018 they established the Harold and Ruth Mast Endowment for Technology, “To enable LM to provide an excellent education that is current in the use of technology, enabling students to be fully equipped for the next stage of school or work. This endowment will fund technology equipment investment, staff training, and student instruction on the proper use of technology.”

“We believe that giving children basic faith-related values to start their lives and use throughout their lives is the important foundation provided at LM,” says Ruth.

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Bonita (Garber) Croyle Class of 2011

She is an antiracist educator and speaker, and the Founder of The Ebenezer Project, an organization that provides antiracism trainings and resources to Anabaptist organizations. When reflecting on her journey to advocacy,

Bonita notes that LM teachers had an early impact on her advocacy work. Bonita remembers fondly engaging in political debates in history class with Mrs. Sheri Wenger, having lively conversations in Mr. Brent Hartzler’s Spanish class, and participating in deep discussion in Mr. Dean Sauder’s Bible class. “Each of these teachers provided me with examples of what it looked like to engage with others from a place of love and respect. In my role as an antiracism educator, I need to engage with others not only with intercultural competence and humility, but also from a place that is deeply grounded in love and respect. And, I am deeply grateful to have experienced learning from teachers that modeled that.”

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