Mission & Vision

Leading in Education

LM inspires students through an excellent, well-rounded educational experience in a nurturing environment.


To be a leader in Prek-12th grade educational experiences of excellence and character.


Lancaster Mennonite School provides PreK-12th grade education in a diverse community that nurtures students to become creative and innovative learners who are prepared for college, career and life. Centered in Christ and committed to educational excellence, students are empowered to change the world through Christ-like love, peacemaking and service.


To change our world through innovative Christ-centered education.


LM will be a leader in PreK-12th grade educational experiences of excellence and character. Through local and global connections in a Christ-centered community lives will be transformed and our world changed.

Giá trị cốt lõi

You will see and experience these core values as you enter our buildings and classrooms, as the banners and posters are visible and integrated into our curriculum. Pictured here is the graphic and core values – we are excited for you to see them in person and experience them for yourselves.

We proudly say that as a school community, Together we will:

  • Seek Jesus Wholeheartedly
  • Live Compassionately
  • Build Bridges of Peace
  • Cultivate Global Citizens
  • Nurture Curiosity and Creativity
  • Empower Lifelong Learning

Change the world!

Chúng ta coi trọng điều gì với tư cách là một cộng đồng trường học? Lắng nghe từ sinh viên, giáo viên và nhân viên LM khi họ chia sẻ các giá trị cốt lõi của chúng tôi.


Lancaster Mennonite School is a comprehensive PreK-12th grade school that prepares graduates for lifelong
learning. The Christ-centered educational process develops the gifts of each student to live as a global citizen. It
is expected that graduates of LM meet the following goals in each area.

– integrate faith formation into everyday life as a citizen of God’s kingdom
– be stewards of all that God has entrusted to us including creation, time, talents and treasure
– see and relate to every human being as a child of God and live into the promises of scripture with courage and humility
– seek to follow Jesus as a disciple who understands the call to mission and service

English Language Arts
– be lifelong, reflective, and analytical readers
– write appropriately for various contexts, including work or business, education, and other life situations
– think critically and organize ideas in logical formats
– speak articulately and with poise in public speech

Fine Arts
– cultivate a lifelong appreciation for the visual and performing arts
– experience and understand music and art from across time and around the world
– see music and art as a form of praise and prayer
– analyze music and art and the creative making process

Health and Physical Education
– develop positive physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health
– demonstrate competency in and apply knowledge of a variety of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance.
– exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others
– recognize the value of life-long physical activity and health

– demonstrate fundamental understanding of core mathematical concepts
– solve mathematics problems clearly, concisely and correctly
– be competent problem solvers who can transfer and apply skills to real-world problems
– collaborate and work with others

– gain an appreciation for the natural world and develop an understanding of the fundamental theories and laws that guide it
– think critically when presented with scientific claims and learn to use reason based on scientific understanding
– make informed decisions about well being, relationships, and resources to achieve optimal quality of life
– develop the skills necessary to support a future career in science and agriculture

Social Studies
– solidify a national and global historical understanding as a means to better comprehend the present world, identify areas of passion and articulate a vision for the world
– build a base of historical thinking skills with a focus on thinking critically, recognizing casual relationships, analyzing change over time and building strong arguments
– practice the gift of curiosity to explore the vastness of history and social studies and, as a result, become practiced and interested learners to the people and stories around them
– model the teachings of Jesus by seeking stewardship, peace, compassion and reconciliation to local, national and global communities

World Languages
– communicate proficiently in another language
– develop tools for lifelong language learning
– understand and appreciate another culture to become globally competent and culturally sensitive
– make connections between a student’s world and other cultures


As a leading Christian school, Lancaster Mennonite School offers a comprehensive PreK-12th grade program designed to educate the whole person. The school warmly welcomes students and families desiring an education in a learning community shaped by the following distinctives: Christ-centered, educational excellence, peace and service, community, and faith-infused opportunities.

Lancaster Mennonite School promotes excellence in a student-centered environment that is age and ability-appropriate and builds skills not only for further education but also for lifelong learning. Teachers provide academic support and challenge while guiding and encouraging students to develop their gifts and discover their calling. The faith-infused educational program nurtures students’ spiritual life, curiosity, character and sense of responsibility. The school values teachers who invite students to transformational growth within the context of the local, national and global communities.

A diverse, multicultural environment that is welcoming, safe, trusting and respectful is an important component of the educational process. Lancaster Mennonite calls each student to personal faith and practices that value peacemaking and service. The school partners with the family and their congregation, Mennonite Church USA, other denominations and the wider community to transform students to change our world.


Lancaster Mennonite School is committed to a restorative rather than punitive approach to discipline which includes counseling, apologies, prayer, reconciliation and parental involvement. Restorative discipline is based on a motivation of love to help each child become conformed to the image of Jesus. However, student choices determine consequences, positive or negative, and we believe that students must accept responsibility for their behavior.

Restorative Discipline Explained by LM Educators and Parents