At Lancaster Mennonite, we use a variety of services to carefully and usefully handle student, teacher, and course data and communication.

We use an online service called Schoology (pronounced SCHOOL – uh – jee) to help teachers, parents, and students communicate regarding studies and other classroom activities, including grades, schedules, and report cards.


Parent Sign-up & Login

Around the first day of school and periodically throughout the school year, parents who have not yet signed up for Schoology will receive an email from with the subject “Schoology parent code for [your child’s name]”. If you have never received an access code, please email, specifying your name and your child’s name.

When you register using the button below, we suggest you uncheck the box labeled “Subscribe me to the Schoology Exchange Blog.” The world has enough blogs already, and you, no doubt, receive enough emails. Please fill out the form with your name and information, not your child’s. Click Register to complete.

If you have multiple children enrolled at Lancaster Mennonite, first create your account using any of their parent access codes. Then, once you are signed into Schoology, open the menu that has your name on it, then use the Add Child button to enter your other child’s access code.

After you have signed up using your access code, you can use the parent login link below or go directly to If you are asked to select the school, you may find a confusing number of schools named “Lancaster Mennonite.” You may choose any of them that have the ID number 1397429911.

To learn how to view your child’s report card or class schedule, please see the “Report Cards and Schedules” section at the bottom of this page.

First time Sign-up for Parents  Parent Login

If you have children at other schools (not Lancaster Mennonite) that use Schoology, you can link your parent accounts so that you can switch between your children easily from the same login.

In fact, you may find that you are unable to sign up for the first time at Lancaster Mennonite’s Schoology, because your email address is already used by a Schoology account at a different district. If that is the case, please try these steps if you want to retain access to both accounts:

  1. Using the Parent Access Code we sent you, create a new Schoology account, but use only the username field, not the email field.
  2. Sign into the Schoology account at your other school district, then link that account to the new one
  3. Always feel free to contact if there are any difficulties; we’d love to figure this out with you (it may be different with each school).

Alternatively, if you no longer want Schoology access at the other school, instead of the step #2 above, you can delete the other school’s account by merging Schoology accounts.


Students and Staff

Students, teachers, and staff, please sign into Schoology at using your Lancaster Mennonite email address and password.

Schoology for Students and Staff

Staff who are also parents: create a separate parent account using the instructions above, then follow these instructions to link your two accounts.


Report Cards and Schedules

Parents and students can access report cards and schedules in the web version of Schoology (sorry, they are not currently available in the mobile app).

Parents, please make sure the menu in the upper-right of the screen is showing your name, not your child. If one of your children is selected, click on his or her name and switch to yourself.

Then, click the “four square” menu and choose “Report Cards” or “Schedules”