Our faculty and staff will be working remotely due to health concerns related to COVID-19 and school building closures. If you need to reach anyone they will be accessible by email or leave a voicemail on their school line as it will show up on their email, and they can call you back or set-up a video chat with you from home.

For LM’s latest updates on COVID-19 affecting the school, please visit our home page:


Contact Information

Superintendent's Office

Position Name Email Phone
Superintendent Pam Tieszen tieszenpk@ (717) 740-2422
Assistant Superintendent, LMMS Principal Michael Charles charlesmr@ (717) 740-2423
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent Diane Gehman gehmande@ (717) 509-4459,  ext. 1000

Business Office

Position Name Email Phone
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Marlin Groff groffmg@ (717) 740-2430
Interim CFO, Director of Business Services Lorri Hengst hengstlk@ (717) 740-2434
Accounts Payable and Financial Aid Diane Brubaker brubakerdk@ (717) 740-2431
Administrative Assistant, Tuition/Accounts Receivable Erma Shultz shultzej@ (717) 740-2433
Bookkeeper Jennifer Swartzentruber swartzentruberjr@ 717-740-2432

Admissions Office

Position Name Email Phone
Director of Enrollment Christy Horst horstcl@ (717) 740-2428
Admissions Assistant Beth Bowman bowmanbw@ (717) 740-2429

Advancement Office

Position Name Email Phone
Advancement Associate John Denlinger denlingerjh@ (717) 740-2426
Advancement Associate Jon Heinly heinlyjd@ (717) 740-2425
Advancement Assistant Carrie Shreve shreveca@ (717) 740-2436