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As a comprehensive, holistic school, LM helps students of diverse abilities and interests be all they can be.

The student body includes students with academic difficulties as well as Merit Scholars; it includes those who want to work with their hands as well as those who aspire to work towards professional careers. The formation of artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and skilled technicians is not measured by SAT scores.

While some schools talk about “academic excellence,” LM promotes holistic educational excellence, that addresses the whole person and prepares them for life, not just college or academic success.

While nurturing all gifts and talents, the high school program still provides academic rigor that can propel students to top-notch colleges and universities. 

LM’s academic excellence is evidenced by significantly higher Advanced Placement test success of LM students versus PA and national averages, according to College Board data. The 5-year trend clearly reflects the growing strength of LM’s academic program that drives increasing AP success while PA and national averages remained unchanged over the years.

LM is exceptionally strong in AP Calculus AB for which our students achieved a mean score of 4.57 in 2014 compared to PA and national averages of 3.24 and 2.94, respectively. For other AP subjects such as Biology, Environmental Science, Statistics, US History and World History, LMH students out-performed PA and National averages by significant margins.

Noami Bronkema

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