LM Flagship & Overview Video - Our Core Pillars are Faith, Education and Community. We're excited about being a private school that provides a PreK-12th grade education to students in a diverse, Christ-centered community. Students are nourished to grow in our academic curriculum, art, music, athletics and other extracurriculars, as well as emotionally and spiritually. We combine our faith into the curriculum along with state and national standards to ensure students have a robust and rooted educational experience. The skills that students learn here at LM will help them to change the world in their community now and in the future.

LM Infographic Overview & Statistics - We're Striving to Change the World Together!

What do we value as a school community? Hear from LM students, teachers and staff as they share our core values.

We believe STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and design-thinking are extremely important, so that is why we make it a part of our approach at all of our campuses for grades PreK-12th. Our campuses integrate hands-on learning into our curriculum, like: robotics, coding, makerspace, gardens, and much more! Named by Newsweek as a Top 5,000 STEM High School in the U.S.

LMH - A community for academics, athletics, fine arts and change makers!

Project Based Learning Middle School - Middle School CAN be a good experience!

LM Middle School Project-Based Learning Student - Ellie Fredrick's Testimonial

Elementary school is a play-based, comprehensive curriculum where students genuinely enjoying learning and spending time together!

Spanish Immersion Program - Spanish Immersion students, Adeline and Avery King, parents and staff members reflect on the amazing teachers and benefits of Spanish Immersion and learning another language - brain development, social skills, and career opportunities in the future.

LM Parent - Jannat Veras shares about the great experience her kids are having at LM!

Lancaster Mennonite Parent Testimonial - Andrea Petrokonis

International Students Are Prepared for College & Life at LM!

Current students voice what they appreciate about Lancaster Mennonite and their experience being part of our community. Some of these students have been at LM since elementary school, while others joined in middle school or high school. Hear first-hand from them what they are involved in, how teachers and friends have shaped their faith formation, and why they love coming to school.

"To me, a world changer is someone who uses their gifts and talents to impact people. For me, I hope to combine my faith and passion for theatre to impact people by telling amazing stories. LM has prepared me to change the world. World changers REALLY do start here." - Ryan K., LM HS Student

Lancaster Mennonite School's strong academics, caring community, and unique opportunities have given these three sisters the space to thrive and explore their passions in a safe, nurturing, faith-based environment. They are being equipped for a changing world. "World changers start here." - Jariyah B., LM Middle School Student