PreschooL & Pre-K

Full-day 5,4, or 3-day Pre-K! Choose the Right Option for Your Family!

Student-Centered Academics

Preschool and PreK lay the foundation for success in school and life. Action-based learning stations, free play, guided play, and structured lessons help students develop social-emotional and academic skills, while building upon the child’s natural curiosity to develop a love of learning at an early age.

PreK is offered five full days per week and parents can choose a three-day (M, T, Th), four-day (M-Th) or five-day program. Must be four years old and potty trained by September 1 to attend.

Our PreK program balances developmentally appropriate academics, learning through play, and a faith formation emphasis. Students in PreK are guided to consider how they can love and care for each other and live peacefully. Bible lessons from the Encounter curriculum focus on the life and ministry of Jesus and relate to children’s families and faith communities.

Our PreK program uses The Creative Curriculum, designed to foster creativity, discovery, and critical thinking through hands-on, project-based investigations. Students spend most of the school day learning through play in the classroom and on the playground, developing important social skills and independence.

PreK students also have music class once a week, and recess two times a day to provide additional ways for them to develop, explore and build relationships.

All teachers are certified and participate in ongoing early childhood professional learning in line with current research on child development. Our PreK program is licensed by the state of Pennsylvania.

LM is a PA PreK Counts provider, offering high-quality, tuition-free PreK for income-eligible families (funding provided by the State). LM recognizes the impact that affordable PreK has on the success of students and our community. Other scholarship opportunities are also available.

To see if you qualify, please click the button below to our PreK Counts page.

teacher with young students at table

Learning Stations

Small groups of students rotate among action-based learning stations. They spend some time each day in free play and guided play in the classroom and on the playground.

Capturing Curiosity

The LM Pre-K program builds upon the child’s natural curiosity to develop a base for future academic and social success. The students learn as they make their own discoveries, and they gain skills when they manipulate and experiment with materials.