Middle School

Middle school (grades 6-8) is offered on the Kraybill, Lancaster, Locust Grove and Hershey campuses, providing a gradual transition into high school.

In addition to excellent academic, athletic and social opportunities, all LM middle school students experience spiritual formation as they study the Bible, participate in devotions and attend chapel.

The middle school program differs among the campuses. See the campus sections of the website for specifics. At the Lancaster Campus, Lancaster Mennonite Middle School offers LMMSConnect! a project-based learning approach (see below).

LMMS Connect!

At the Lancaster Campus, the LMMSConnect! program offers an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary approach that engages seventh and eighth-grade students in project-based and problem-based learning. All subjects are incorporated around a central theme for each quarter. Students are pulled out for appropriate-level math classes. Aspects of the curriculum include strengthening the four Cs: Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration. As an Anabaptist faith community, we include a fifth C: Compassion.

When traditionally independent disciplines are fused, students are engaged in relevant, vibrant and experiential learning that empowers them to make connections across disciplines and in the real world. Authentic “learning by doing” allows students to experience how their academic endeavors, when partnered with collaboration, can have a positive impact on the community and their world.

LMMS experiential learning