Support Services

Academic Support

LM offers services to ensure that students who learn differently are given a chance to realize their full academic potential. The staff in the Academic Support program works with students in a holistic way that enables them to grow academically, spiritually, socially, and physically.

The Academic Support staff partners with parents and teachers to provide students who might otherwise find it difficult to participate in the general education curriculum with the resources to achieve academic success in the classroom. The Academic Support program may include students with learning difficulties or disabilities.

The Academic Support staff work with teachers to facilitate accommodations and differentiation of instruction. Accommodations and support are provided through an individualized academic plan for students who demonstrate a need. Federal and state guidelines are useful to program design; however, LM is an independent school and forms a program that best serves our students without the restrictions and requirements of strictly following government mandates.

Other Student Support and Organizations

A number of other support services are available to Lancaster Mennonite School students who struggle academically or behaviorally at the high school level. As a redemptive Christian community, LMS wants to offer healing and hope.

Peer Assistance Leadership

Lancaster Mennonite High School students have a unique opportunity to mentor middle school students on their shared campus through the Peer Assistance Leadership Program. The program pairs high school mentors (PALS) with a small group of middle school students. PALS serve as Christ-like role models and the program provides safe settings where students share activities, interests and concerns. The groups discuss music, stress, educational transitions, relationships and spiritual journeys.

Tutoring Help

At times through school, students may need additional tutoring support. The guidance office can provide tutoring opportunities. Depending on the subject areas, the counseling team may have connections with current students who tutor during their study hall or after school. Generally, a good place to start is for the student to check with their school counselor to see if other students are available to serve as a tutor. There are also many outside organizations that provide tutoring services. The guidance office has information about local programs and contacts that can provide tutoring services which happen outside the typical school day.