Why Choose LM?

Education Matters

The school a student attends during the formative PreK-12th grade years will greatly impact the life and future of that student. During the elementary and secondary years, basic beliefs and worldviews are formed that will last a lifetime.

LM Flagship & Overview Video - Our Core Pillars are Faith, Education and Community. We're excited about being a private school that provides a PreK-12th grade education to students in a diverse, Christ-centered community. Students are nourished to grow in our academic curriculum, art, music, athletics and other extracurriculars, as well as emotionally and spiritually. We combine our faith into the curriculum along with state and national standards to ensure students have a robust and rooted educational experience. The skills that students learn here at LM will help them to change the world in their community now and in the future.

People choose LM for different reasons. For some, the school’s Christian values and beliefs are paramount. For others, it is the wholesome, caring Christian atmosphere and sense of belonging. Others value the educational excellence. Still others choose LM for exciting co-curricular opportunities in athletics, fine arts and music.

Outstanding teachers, programs and curriculum are all important and good reasons to choose LM. Some like to think of the total school experience as a life-shaping community.

When families choose Lancaster Mennonite School they are choosing a quality education, but more importantly, they are choosing a Christian education that transforms lives to change our world.

Some schools provide just a quality education; others emphasize community or operate in the Christian faith tradition. LM uniquely combines all three.

Public schools are legally prohibited from nurturing Christian faith, the heart of Lancaster Mennonite’s mission. In our community setting, students build friendships that provide a lifetime support system, as evidenced by alumni who share their stories. Within these significant relationships, students learn to include and respect all people — a value enhanced by the school’s rich racial/ethnic diversity.

LM seniors score well above state and national averages on college entrance exams, enabling them to enroll in a wide range of colleges and universities, and local businesses notice and hire LM graduates. However, more important than learning how to earn a living is learning how to live.

The Comprehensive LM Educational Program: Identifying and Cultivating Gifts

LM is a comprehensive Christian school that, in addition to providing a quality college-prep program, offers classes in Technology Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, and Business Education — all within well-maintained facilities that encourage learning.

LM has developed experiences that enable students to identify their abilities, then encourages students to study careers that use those gifts and abilities. Bringing together gifts and Christian call sets the stage for fulfilling lives that will bless and serve the Church and society.

LM's Educational Style: A Conversation Between Generations

Education at Lancaster Mennonite School is a conversation between the generations in the context of mutual respect and community. Faculty place emphasis on inquiry-based learning that teaches students to be life-long learners. Students prepare not only to earn a living but also to live lives of integrity, peace, love, humility, justice, and respect for all people.

Teachers, working with parents, create the heart of our school. Seeing happy children who are challenged with realistic expectations is of high value to them. For our faculty, teaching is not just a profession, it is a calling — a calling to share God’s love and wisdom with the next generation.