2021 Donors

Last updated June 2021 at the end of the fiscal year.

LEADER: $5,000+
Bank Of Bird-in-Hand
Trevor ’03 and Jenee Bare
Elva M Bare
Beam Leasing, Inc.
Benuel ’60 and Janet Beiler
B. Anthony ’85 and Kathleen ’85 Beiler
Beiler-Campbell Realtors
Rosemary ’97 and Joshua Blessing
Blossom Hill Mennonite Church
Randall ’96 and Jodie ’95 Brubaker
Matt and Kelly Buckwalter
Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster
Jeremiah C. Denlinger ’99 and Kristine Widders
Dynamic Aviation Group, Inc.
East Chestnut St. Mennonite Church
Keith Ebersole
Ephrata National Bank
First Deaf Mennonite Church
Forest Hills Mennonite Church
Beulah M. Frey
Jay ’64 and Janet Frey
Goodville Mutual Casualty Company
Habecker Mennonite Church
Gibbel Kraybill & Hess, LLP
Daryl ’88 and Charlene Heller
Lyle and Jeane Hershey
Hoober Inc.
Charles B. Hoober Jr. and Sara Ella Hoober
Gerald ’65 and Linda Horst
Kyle ’98 and Marta Sue ’98 Horst
Joshua T. Horvath and Allison M. Stapler
Jerry ’79 and Anita ’79 Hostetter
Chad ’91 and Coleen Marie ’92 Hurst
James Street Mennonite Church
John E. Kreider
Landisville Mennonite Church
Kevin ’81 and Sherry Lapp
Laurel Ridge Pig Company
J. Welby Leaman ’89
Rodney ’84 and Lauri ’88 Lefever
Allon ’64 and Doris ’64 Lefever
Lesher Associates, LLC
P. Alan and Linda Loss
Liz Martin
Master’s Advisors Stewardship Fund
Robert and Barbara Mathews
Mellinger Mennonite Church
Mount Joy Mennonite Church
National Christian Foundation
J. Gary Neff
Neffsville Mennonite Church
Nolt Dental Associates
Vincent and Yaury Pagano
Michael Peachey ’09
Jana ’84 and Michael Peachey
Estate of Alta M Ranck
Ridgeview Mennonite Church
Michael M Robinson
Rohrer’s One Hour
Rossmere Mennonite Church
John and Lisa Marie Sands
R. Clair ’60 and Doris Sauder
Sharp Properties LP
Simon Lever, LLP
Barbara B. Stoltzfus ’59
Mrs. Lillian M. Stoltzfus
Stoltzfus Spreaders
William and Tammy Stull
Sunnyside Mennonite Church
Donald and Cheryl Thomas
Univest Bank & Trust Company
Michael H. Walmer and Elizabeth Masciale-Walmer
Todd ’87 and Deborah Witmer
Terry and Joan Yoder
Estate of Jay Frank Zeager

PARTNER: $1,000-4,999
Akron Mennonite Church
Walter and Sara Augsburger
Daniel ’11 and Kirsten Baker
Francis Barrett
Belvedere Inn
BK Campbell Enterprises/Cedar Knoll Builders
Blainsport Mennonite Church
Keri Bloom
Bossler Mennonite Church
Mary J. Breneman
Jeremy ’99 and Laura ’99 Brubaker
Derick ’91 and Jennifer Brubaker
Carpenter Community Church
Edward and Mindy Carreras
Jonathan ’70 and Rhoda ’72 Charles
Levi ’65 and Eileen ’65 Charles
Michael ’05 and Rachael Charles
Donald G Clark Jr. and Lisa Clark
Clark Associates Inc.
Michael and April Clemmer
Fern and Dennis Clemmer
J. Paul ’57 & Esther ’57 Clymer
Cornerstone Design-Architects
DavCo Advertising, Inc.
David S. Huber Trust
Lester ’67 and Marian ’67 Denlinger
A. Corinne Dixon
Seth and Stacie Doman
Andrew ’87 and Michelle Dula
Dutch Country Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels
Eastern Mennonite Missions
Elizabethtown Mennonite Church
Eric and Charlene Eshleman
Melba ’64 and J. Leon Eshleman
Everence Financial Advisors
Everence Association, Inc.
Farm and Land Realty, Inc.
Frazer Mennonite Church
Garden Spot Village Retirement Community
David and Lisa Gautsche
Alan Giagnocavo
T. Dexter and Heather Girdharry
Glick Fire Equipment Company, Inc.
Susan ’61 and Stanley Godshall
Gotwals Brothers
Marlin ’74 and Sue Groff
Florence Beiler Groff
Aaron and Anna Groff
Haller Enterprises Inc.
J. Alex ’86 and Kristina Hartzler
Mark and Alanna Heath
Daniel ’66 and Evanna ’66 Hess
Hess’s Barbecue Catering, Inc.
Hopewell Community Church
Jeffrey ’91 and Alicia Mary ’92 Horst
Larry and Cindy Horst
Hostetter & Hostetter, CPA
House of the Lord Mennonite Fellowship
Mary Huwaldt
J. Steven Burkhart Excavating, Inc.
Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
Naomi W. Keiper ’56
Ryan and Kim ’03 King
Lancaster County Community Foundation
Lanco Properties, Inc.
Jerome ’99 and Crystalin Landis
Landis Valley Christian Fellowship
Lloyd and Anna Mae Lapp
Gregory L. Lapp ’87
Douglas and Suzanne Lapp
Gary Lee Lapp ’84
Javan and Rosina Lapp
Laurel Street Mennonite Church
Joshua ’99 and Andrea ’99 Leaman
Patricia ’66 and J. Harold Leaman
Stephen ’99 and Mikaela ’06 Leaman
Lehman Law Offices, P.C.
Timothy ’91 and Dawn Martin
Esther ’66 and Lewis Martin
Ann Louise Martin and James A. Stutzman
Andres and Lauren Martiny
Harold ’65 and Ruth ’66 Mast
Cindy and Daniel ’77 Mast
Max E. & Martha E. Bingaman Charitable Foundation
Mennonite Foundation, Inc.
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Jonathan ’91 and Ann Metzler
Alta M. Metzler ’65
Metzler Mennonite Church
Millersville Mennonite Church
Mt. Gretna Bible Festival
New Holland Mennonite Church
Ella May Newswanger ’69
Gary North
Northeast Trading International Ltd.
Kevin and Bonnie O’Hare
OPS Securities Group
Oregon Dairy Inc.
Whitney and David Packard
Pagano & Associates, Co.
Parkesburg Mennonite Church
Estate of Betty N Pellman
Kenneth ’70 and Rachel ’73 Pellman
Rachel’s of Greenfield
Reba ’60 and J. Ray Ranck
Neil ’89 and Donna Reinford
Merle and Ruth Ann Reinford
Bonita ’74 and John Rohrer
Steven J. Rothwein and Tatjana Sljapic
Dr. Clarence Henry Rutt Jr. ’49
Ken and Kristen Rychener
Scenic Ridge Construction Co.
Selahart Institute
ShowEase, Inc.
James ’67 and Mary Shreiner
Richard and Annie Sieber
Daniel Timothy Siegfried Sr. and Carol L. Siegfried
Jay ’63 and Joanne ’64 Siegrist
Clinton ’03 and Christina ’03 Simmons
Sheryl Smoker ’69
Carol ’77 and James Spicher
David and Esther Spurrier
Doris S. Stauffer ’60
Isaac ’70 and Julia Stoltzfus
Clark ’96 and Kara Stoltzfus
Heidi ’89 and Rodney Stoltzfus
Marjorie L. Stoltzfus
Richard ’54 and Elaine Stoltzfus
Shiree ’92 and Doug Stuart
Stumptown Mennonite Church
Summit Biomedical Inc.
Calvin ’92 and Michelle Swartzentruber
Pamela K. Tieszen
University Music
Weaver Markets, Inc
Roy ’55 and Esther ’56 Wert
West End Mennonite Fellowship
James and Cathy Witter
Dale and Joanne Yoder
Beth ’75 and Gary Yoder
Brenda and Scott Zeevaart
ZNK Enterprises LLC

FRIEND: $500-999
Accuity Advisors & CPA’s, LLP
B.R. Kreider & Son, Inc.
Suzanne ’79 and John Baker
Brenda and Donald Bare
Gregory and Amy Bell
Blaise Alexander Management, Inc
Blakinger | Thomas Law Firm
Aaron ’97 and Kristen ’97 Buckwalter
Cheryl ’79 and Kevin Carey
Lindsay and Joshua Carson
Nathan Charles ’98
Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, LCC
Anna Louise Detweiler ’69
Anita and Michael Dickert
Abram ’69 and Karen Diffenbach
Dutchland Inc
John W. Eby ’58
Emotional Health Center of Lancaster
Dr. Eric L. Esch
Daryl ’88 and Cheryl Ann Eshleman
Robert ’65 and Anna Ruth ’65 Eshleman
Fig Industries
Jerry and Loretta Gehman
Gene Wenger’s Meats & Fine Foods, Inc.
Georgelis Injury Law Firm, P.C.
Trula N. Gingrich ’75
James ’51 and Joan Gingrich
Chester ’75 and Kathleen Good
Todd C. Grambau DMD and Stephanie Grambau
Greenladder Reno LLC
Grocery Outlet Bargain Market
David and Laura Gruno
Leo and Ruthanne Heatwole
Lorri K. Hengst
Clifford ’78 and Mary Lou Hershey
Hershey Advisors, P.C.
Ernest ’60 and Lois ’60 Hess
Paul ’60 and Nancy ’61 Hess
N. Timothy ’05 and Donna Horst
Dr. Michael Houlahan
Angela and Chris Hummel
Troy Dean Hurst ’96
Eric ’99 and Elizabeth Kennel
Lois R. Kennel ’50
Ernest ’51 and Eunice Kraybill
Gail and Raymond Lanas
Scott ’84 and Wendy Landis
Landis Homes Bethany Fellowship
Marvin and Mary Lapp
Alice and David Lauver
Nancy ’68 and John Leaman
Justin ’91 and Dawn Leaman
Clair ’65 and Charlene Leaman
Ryan and Heather Lehman
Glen and Jean Lengacher
Thomas and Diana Locke
Martin & Rutt Auctioneers
Math-U-See Inc dba Demme Learning
Millport Mennonite Church
Paul and Susan Pearce
Restaurant Store, The
R. and Ruthann Richardson
Rohrer Seed Company
Robert Ross and Serena Wu
Anne ’75 and Jay Roth
Paul and Priscilla Schwartz
Carrie A. Shreve
Slate Hill Mennonite Church
Jordon ’09 and Krista Smucker
Smucker Company
Madeline Marie Sollenberger ’57
Cushla and James Srour
Robin and Robert Stauffer
Melinda and Ryan Stevens
Martha ’66 and Lester Stoltzfus
Stoltzfus Meats, Inc.
Sherrie Strange
TCW-GAV Computer Systems
Technology Solutions Associates LLC
Tri-County Water Services, Inc.
Linda Trout
Warfel Construction Co.
Michael and Tricia Wilson
Carl Wingard, Inc.
Derek ’93 and Melissa ’93 Wissler
Judy and Sanford Wyse
Bonnie Sue Yoder ’69
Zoe Dawn Shop

ASSOCIATE: $150-499
Candace Lorraine Abel and Paul Stephen Rouse
Kurt and Rosemarie Ackerman
Brittany Allen
Margaret L. Allen ’58
Jennifer E. Attanasi
George and Lois Beck
Carolyn and James Beckwith
Leanne Beidler
Denise L. Bender
Linda ’71 and Curtis Berry
Loine F. Bert
David and Pauline Bird
Terry and Linda Blessing
Sean and Rita Boer
José and Lucyann Borrero
R. Todd ’94 and Maria Beth Bowman
Beth and Jonathan Bowman
Scott and Nicole Brennan
Lena ’52 and Michael Brown
Steven and Pamela Brown
Robert and Sandra Brubaker
Scott and Gretchen Bruso
J. Paul ’66 and Esther ’66 Bucher
Robert and Carolyn Buck
John ’56 and Miriam ’55 Buckwalter
Seth ’97 and Karisten ’99 Buckwalter
Marilyn and Jonathan Carlson
Coffee Company
Richard and Mary Jane Crockett
Daily Grind, The
Tashya ’92 and Craig Dalen
David and Judith Denlinger
John and Debbie Denlinger
James and Kaylene Derksen
Norman and Susan Dieffenbach
Angela M. Dietzel ’04
Sophie R. Dodge
Linda and Terry Edwards
Jennifer and Wade Esbenshade
Elaine L. Esch
Mary E. Clark Eshelman and Guy Eshelman
Thomas ’91 and Jennifer Eshleman
Keith ’80 and Linda ’80 Espenshade
Duane and Jill Evans
Gary and Carol Fick
Jenny Frailey
Frey Lutz Corp.
Michael J. Garland
Joyce A. Gehman
M. Gregory and Karolyn Gehman
Diane E. Gehman ’76
Margaret A. Gehman ’58
Donna Geisler
Eric and Deanne Gingrich
Moses and Emma Glick
Sue ’76 and Kevin Glick
Richard ’56 and Ruth Ann ’56 Glick
Todd C. Grambau DMD, PC
Lois ’58 and Grayfred Gray
Peter and Laurel Jean Greer
Thomas Gruber
Debra Hatfield
Darlene and Allen Hein
Jonathan ’03 and Megan ’04 Heinly
James and Gloria Heisey
Daniel and Janet Hershey
Andrew ’72 and Yvonne ’76 Hershey
Benjamin ’51 and Martha ’52 Hershey
Carol M. Hess
Clair and Elizabeth Hess
Eunice Hess
Robert and Marcia Hildebrand
Scott ’85 and Karen ’88 Hoober
Nelson ’69 and Carol Marie Hoover
Kriston and Christy Horst
Rodney and Mary Lou Houser
Joyce A. Huber ’65
Louetta W. Hurst ’62
Kelsey S. Hurst ’08
Ronald and Patricia Iovino
Donald and Madelyne Jessee
Just Clean It LLC
Rhoda ’68 and Andre Kalend
Dennis and Rose Kauffman
Sharon ’75 and Richard Kauffman
Paul L Keagy Jr. and Anita Keagy
Gladys ’49 and Carl Keener
Kim’s Bakery
Carrie ’02 and Jacob King
David and Debra King
Laurence ’49 and Shirley King
Susanne J. King ’52
Fred ’74 and Rosalyn Kniss
Homer and Bonnie Knox
Steffen and Susan Kraehmer
Herbert and Sharon Kraybill
Tyler ’06 and Aubrey Kreider
J. Lloyd ’63 and Mary Lois ’64 Kreider
Lauren E. Lanas ’15
Lancaster Sweet Shoppe
Sara ’62 and Charles Landis
Landis Communities
Steven V. Lantz ’84 and Dawn R. Kaczor
Miriam F. Book ’66 and James M. Lapp
Kelly ’01 and Duane ’02 Lapp
Ivan ’50 and Mary Ellen ’54 Leaman
James ’64 and Elizabeth ’64 Leaman
Ronald ’71 and Joyce ’67 Leaman
Andrew ’58 and Dorothy ’60 Leatherman
Dale ’61 and Dorothy Lefever
Douglas ’83 and Nicole Lehman
Tiffany Lentz
Ruth ’71 and Emerson Lesher
Michael ’79 and Joyce Longenecker
Randall ’71 and Marla Longenecker
Gregory and Annette Mansker
Maplehofe Dairy
Monica and Thomas Marcinkoski
J. Mark and Anna Martin
Gerald ’66 and Carolyn ’67 Martin
Jeffrey and Anne Martin
Ruth M Martin
Clifford and Dolores Martin
Ernest ’59 and Esther Jane ’59 Mast
Menno Tea, LLC
Ann E. Miller ’52
H. David and Myrna Moyer
Donald ’63 and Erla ’63 Nauman
New Holland Coffee Co
Roy W. Newswanger ’57 and Janet M. Breneman ’67
Rebecca M. Nolt
Roger and Carolyn North
Scott and Wendy Palmer
Kent and Lauren Pierce
Ann M Pineda Ziegler and Javier Pineda
Vitaliy and Alla Prysakar
RE/MAX Smarthub Realty
Nelson and Lydia Risser
Mary ’77 and Dennis Rittenhouse
Eloy and Rebecca Rodriguez
Dwight and Jennifer Rohrer
Lynn and Nancy Roth
Susan ’74 and Thomas Ruth
Kendall and Lisa Ruth
John ’55 and Rebecca Rutt
Michael J. Sagerer
Galen and Twila Jo ’82 Sauder
Mona and James Sauder
M. Dean and Doris Sauder
Stephanie Savitch
Karen ’72 and Kenneth Sensenig
Donald ’66 and L. Ann ’66 Shellenberger
Nelson and June Shenk
William C. Simms
Mary Elizabeth Smith ’59
Mary and David Smith
Lois A. Smith
Denver and Rose Sommers
Spring Glen Fresh Foods
Mark and Angela Sprunger
Jonathan and Marsha Stanley
Steve and Beverly Steiner
Jonathan ’95 and Tricia ’94 Stoltzfus
Jennifer ’81 and Lowell Strickler
Shelby ’81 and J. David Swartley
Jennifer and Kristof Swartzentruber
Bruce and Lyndell Thiessen
Melvin H Thomas ’61 and Geneva M. Rufenacht
Linda Tuma
Alejandro A. Ulloa and Hannah Clemmer
Diane ’68 and Ronald Umble
John and Juana Ward
Elizabeth ’85 and Jonathan Weaver-Kreider
L. Keith and Joanne Weaver
Elizabeth Arlene Wenger ’51
Mark R. Wenger ’73 and Kathryn W. Weaver Wenger
Sheri ’81 and Gordon Wenger
Gregory and Kory Wengert
Lloyd ’59 and Beverly Anne ’59 Wert
Meredith I Aul and Randy R. Westgate
Rebecca and Patrick Weybright
Betty Good-White ’63 and Donald E. White
Thomas and Diane Williams
Michael and Christine Willig
Jason and Lorinda Willner
Fredrick ’90 and Kimberly Winey
Sarah C. Wingard
Clyde and Nancy Wissler
Mike Witmer
Rodney ’85 and Wendy Witmer
Rebecca ’93 and Jason Wolgemuth
J. Dallas and Diane Wolgemuth
Miles and Dawnell Yoder
Nancy B. Yoder
Harvey and Shirley Yoder
Dale and Debra Ziegler
Ann L. Zimmerman ’61
Mark ’59 and Karene Zimmerman

Allen E. Ackley
Timothy Adams ’20
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.
Franklin D. Albrecht ’76 and Elizabeth Soto
Ruth Anna Alger ’48
Stuart Allen
Gregory and Cynthia Allen
L. and Lois Alwine
Megan Ament
American Online Giving Foundation, Inc.
James and Lorraine Amstutz
Charlene Anderson
Kara Andresen
Dennis and Cindy Andrew
Richard L. Arment
Deborah A. Armstrong
Walter Armstrong
David J. Arnold
Emil and Diana Attanasi
Rhoda Atzeff
Michael and Ann Aurand
Adam and Kristin Aurand
Louise Babikow ’10
Andrew and Alice Babikow
Kenton Baer
Melanie Baer-Drescher ’78 and J. Douglas Drescher
David and Jean Baliles
Dave Bamberger
Jason Bauder
Cheryl ’79 and Stephen Baugher
Emily Baughman
Donald and Doris Beachy
Debra ’99 and David Bearden
Charles and Joanne Beaverson
Wayne ’73 and Debbie Bechtold
Daniel H. Becker ’76
Philomena and Stephen Behmer
Elaine Shenk ’89 and S. Kenneth Beidler
Donald and Anita Beidler
Delbert Beiler
Phares E Beiler Jr. and Sadie M. Beiler
David and Beverly Beiler
Andre Belyakov
David and Deborah Bendit
Jean ’85 and Neal Benedict
Burnice L. Benjamin
Kirk ’00 and Bethany Benner
Amy Bretherick
Yadani Beyene
Larien and Nancy Bieber
Dale Bieber
Big John Nolt’s Catering
Zachary P Biles and Jill L. Neuman
Molla E Bitayou and Tigist N. Afinie
Dorcas Bixler
Brian and Allyson Blanford
Paul and Barbara Jean Blanford
Lester ’47 and Mary Lou Blank
Susan A. Blessing
Elizabeth K. Blevins
Johannes and Nancy Boer
John Bogrette Jr. and Mary Ann Bogrette
Michael and Dawn Boll
David Boll Jr. and Marion L. Boll
Jonathan M. Bollinger ’90 and Jan M. Good-Bollinger ’90
Andrew and Andrea Bollinger
Joyce M. Bomberger ’63
Herman and Jeanette Bontrager
Elvin ’69 and Consuelo Bowman
James ’65 and Linda Bowman
Leon ’77 and Deborah ’78 Bowman
Daniel J. Boyer ’84 and Vanessa Georgette King Boyer ’84
Guy and Jeannine Boyer
Bozman Paving & Grading, LLC
Charles and MaryAnn Bozym
Deborah Brandt
Anna ’62 and H. Mervin Breckbill
Brian and Yvonne Breighner
Gary and Tammy Breighner
Gloria J. Breighner
Lawrence and Judith Brenneman
Michael and Marcia Brenner
Benjamin Brown-Bieber and Lynda Carpenter
David and Karen Brubacker
J. Kenneth and Pamela Brubaker
Rebekah ’00 and Daryl Brubaker
Ronald and Betty Ann Brubaker
David ’99 and Olivia Brubaker
Frances G. Hurst Brubaker ’20
Barbara ’60 and Luke Brubaker
Jacob and Orpha Brubaker
Rev. Carolene S. Brubaker ’67
Steven and Danielle Brumm
Tom Buchen
Kenneth ’68 and Evelyn Bucher
Kristin Bucher
Helen L. Buchmoyer
J. Glen and Linda Buckwalter
A. and Marian Buckwalter
Jamie Buckwalter
James Burch
Stacy ’99 and Andrew Burkholder
Susan ’48 and John Burkholder
Royce and Sara Burkholder
Roy S Burkholder
Burkholder Painting
Heidi Byler
Justin and Jennifer Campbell
Gary D. Campbell
William and Nadia Canty
Thomas and Joanne Carlson
Allen and Rhoda Carr
Kim Carroll
Jill Carter
Faith Castline
Reuben and Anna Cater
Lois ’59 and J. Thomas Chamness
Ryan D. Chaney
Derrick ’01 and Rebekah Charles
Jesse ’82 and Sylvia Charles
James Charles
Jeremy and Maria Chase
Christopher J. Churchill
Nancy C. Cilio
Mark ’92 and Elizabeth Clapper
Jon Clemens
Kenneth and May Clemmer
Thomas and Celine Clouse
Kevin and Cynthia Coakley
Coalition For Smart Growth
Shari Coburn
Donna M. Cole
David Coleman
Lloyd Colfer
Sandra Collin
Stephen and Laurie Collins
Colon Hydrotherapist
Katelyn M. Coryell ’15
Matthew Mayo and Erica Coulter
John and Stephanie Courchesne
Angela Cray
Albert L Creely Jr. and Jane E. Creely
Liz Cullinane
Richard R. Cunningham
Ian and Laura Cunningham
Daniel and Anne Dailey
Jonathan and Erin Carol Darby
Robert L. Daugherty
Carol Davis
Raymond and Karen Davis
Gerald V Davis Jr. and Denise Davis
Susan A Davis
Thomas S. Davis
Barbara ’68 and Walter Davison
Pauline Dean
Virginia F. Deaner
Daniele H. Decamp
Vanessa M. Delgrado
Eugene ’71 and Rhoda Denlinger
Corinne ’88 and Michael Denlinger
Norma Denlinger
Jonathan Denlinger and Rebecca Sieber
David and Julie Derstine
Bill and Kelly Dewan
Barbara A. Dickey
Andrew S. Diener Jr. and Jean Marie Diener
Elizabeth Diller
Richard and Pamela Diller
Cricket F. Dodge
Michael and Jennifer Dolnycky
James and Dawn Doman
Donna ’65 and James Dombach
Daniel and Cathy Doremus
Matthew and Allison Douglas-Snyder
Robert and Kristen Dressler
Mary Ellen ’51 and Mamo Dula
Miriam Eberly ’54
David and Nancy Eberly
John ’69 and Carol Ann ’69 Ebersole
Daryl and Alisha Ebersole
Kathryn W. Eby
Keith and Linda Eckman
Jonathan and Erin Elliott
Fredrick and Nan Engle
Nevin Engle
David and Ann Enzman
Wilmer ’65 and Janice ’65 Esbenshade
Etta ’65 and Earl Esch
Randall ’80 and Tracy Esch
Julissa and Toby Eshenauer
Kevin and Stephanie Eshleman
Helen ’58 and J. David Eshleman
Sarah M. Espinal
Arbra R. Evans
Tom and Amanda Evans
Elrena Evans
Evans Candy
Lorena I. Fahringer
Richard and Patti Farmer
Wesley S. Farmer
Donald and Dorothy Feiler
James D. Fenten
Joanne L. ’82 and Richard E. Fetzer Sr.
Sarah B. Fichtner and Ben Ficntner
James and Meredith Fisher
John and Tammy Fisher
Flexible Plan Investments, LTD
Vielka Flores
Thomas and Susan Ford
L. Maria ’96 and Timothy Forry
Alfred and Sally Forsht
Michael B Forte and Desiree M. Tressler
Elwood and Virginia Foura
Jason and Roxanne Foura
Loraine Francis
William and Margaret Fredricks
Scott J. Freebairn
Barrett E. Freed ’86
William B. Freed
Joyce E. Freed
David ’92 and Rebecca Frey
Tina ’91 and Doug Friesen
Brad and Beth Friesen
Karmen and Kristen Friesen
Ronald and Miriam Friesen
Joseph E. Fritsch
Anthony and Jennifer Fritz
Jared Fritz
Jane Gingrich Fultz
A. Edith ’60 and LeRoy Funk
Thomas and Pamela Furlow
Marian ’67 and James Gaffney
Pauline H Gainer
Frances and Hugh Gallagher
Jennifer ’94 and Stephen Gallinaugh
Matthew and Amy Gambler
Lois ’48 and Jay Garber
Garland Construction Inc.
Edith C. Gehman ’56
Lois ’69 and David Gehman
Janet N. Gehman ’52
Kenneth R. Geib
Robert and Carol Geiger
Barry L Geltmacher Jr. and Doris E. Geltmacher
Miriam J. Geltmacher
General Mills Box Tops
Georgelis Orthodontics, PC
Lowell and Lois Gerber
John and Ann Gibbel
Stephen and Elizabeth Gibbs
Christine and MJ Gimbar
Martha A. Gingrich
Todd ’87 and Cynthia Gingrich
Lois ’59 and Carl Good
Wilmer and Barbara Good
Carl R. Good ’83
Daniel ’67 and Sharon Good
Rhonda ’85 and Edward Good
Wilmer and Elaine Good
John Goshow
June S. Gray
Jeffrey and Laura Graybill
Robert and Juliann Graybill
Bruce and Mary Graybill
Derek and Andrea Grebinger
Calvin and Stephani Greiner
Michael and Elizabeth Grieser
Nathan and Katharine Grieser
Willard and Marilyn Grieser
Sarah E. Griffith
Brenda ’74 and Daniel Grimes
Eric ’86 and Glenda Groff
Anna Marie Groff ’02 and Brian A. Miller
Charles ’54 and Janet Groff
Evelyn Groff
Adrian ’03 and Emily Groff
Bradley and Kelly Groff
Rodney ’94 and Kristin Groff
Wayne E. Groff ’99
Selene Groff
James and Lorie Grosh
Jeremiah and Victoria Grosser
Renee ’02 and Gerald Gruber
Marilyn Gual
Ronald A. Guenther
M. Lena De Guire ’57
Marcia and Joseph Hackman
Lachelle and Brian Hackman
Mu Hai
Michael and Susan Hall
Richard L. Hall Jr. and Terry L. Hall
Katherine ’46 and Willis Hallman
David and Carol Hamilton
James and Bonnie Hamilton
SueAnne Hanson
Dony and Jill Marie Harbaugh
Ashley Harbaugh
Donald and Diane Harbaugh
Nicole Hardy
Michael and Pamela Hargraves
Glen ’54 and Dorothy Jean Harnish
Robert E. Harnish ’62
Craig and Nina Harnish
James ’70 and Lois Harnish
Kathryn Harris ’10
Matthew Harrison
Cynthia Harrison
Joel and Heather Harrison
J. and Kathleen Hart
Jeffrey ’99 and Amy ’99 Hartenstine
Gerald and Jill Hartranft
HARTZ Physical Therapy
Linda A. Hayden
Robert and Jill Heine
David and Heidi Heisey
Neil ’96 and Elizabeth Heisey
John and Alice Helder
Robert and Sandra Heller
William and Corrine Helmuth
Beverly and William Henry
Anna Mae Herr ’60
David and Nicola Ruth Herring
Charles and Rebecca Hershey
Mervin and Donna Hershey
Nathan ’78 and Linda ’79 Hershey
Dorothy and Dale Hershey
J. Wilson ’68 and Donna Hershey
J. Kyle ’03 and Melissa Hershey
Nelson and Thelma Hershey
Luke ’12 and Kelsey Ann ’11 Hershey
Linda L. Hershey
Carissa Hershey
Ruth M. Shenk-Hertzler ’60 and Donald E. Hertzler
John and Sylvia Hess
Ryan M. Hess ’94 and Maria Ann Linder-Hess
Andrew ’74 and Marlene Hess
Dusty Hess
John and Rebecca Hess
David ’85 and Starla ’86 Hess
Jerry S. Hess
Rachel Hess ’72 and Dennis E. Maust
John and Kathy Hibner
Jeffrey High
Wayne Hochstedler
Thomas and Catherine Hofer
Paul and Caroline Hoffer
Orray and Martha Hofstetter
Michael and Carole Holden
Robert L. Hollenbach
L. Kenneth ’68 and Rosene ’67 Hollinger
Joseph ’78 and Cheryl ’78 Hollinger
John and Linda Hollopeter
Carlene J. Holsopple
Homestead Nutrition, Inc.
Glenn and Barbara Hoover
Carl ’61 and Janet ’61 Hoover
Janice M. Hoover ’54
Janice Hoover
Herbert L Hoover
Norman and Dawn Hoover
Erma ’59 and Carl Horning
Jerry and Sue Horst
Luanne ’72 and Vernon Horst
Horst & Son, Inc.
Meagan Howell-Brogan
James and Marguerite Howry
Avis A. Huber
Thomas and Peggy Huber
Ellen Hummel
Humphries Construction Co, Inc.
George M. Hurst
Ray ’70 and Brenda ’74 Hurst
Kevin ’82 and Cara Hurst
Mary G. Hurst
Linda A. Hutchins
Janet ’53 and Gerald Ihle
Ramoktoshi & Beth Imchen
Dean and Kori Jantzen
Saralyn ’09 and David Jantzi
Mark Jarrard
Allen and Connie Jenkins
Ligeia Jennis
Gwendolyn and Michael Jessep
Timothy Johnsen Martin ’87 and Kirsten Johnsen Martin
Robert and Joan Johnson
Robert E. Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Roy and Carol Johnston
D. Keith Jones
Barbara and Roger Josephian
Susan E. Joyce
Robert and Audrey Ann Kanagy
Aaron ’97 and Laura Kauffman
Ryan ’93 and Christy Kauffman
Anne Kauffman
Ryan ’06 and Drew Keagy
Vincent and Judith Keagy
Randal ’03 and Emily Keener
Herbert ’68 and Barbara Keener
Brookye and Nicholas Keeney
Shane and Belinda Keeny
Shawn and Dawn Keeny
Kathleen M. Kelly
William Kelly and Tetyana Mukolnel
Stephen ’96 and Tara Kenkelen
Christian ’70 and Rose Kennel
Mary ’82 and H. Lamar Kennel
Timothy and Beverly Kennell
John and Frances Killian
Michael and Marie Kinch
John and Kelli King
Kirk and Susan King
Sheryl J. King ’78
Linford ’68 and Mary ’66 King
Vincent and Janae King
Kevin ’76 and Karen King
Suzanne King
Laura ’96 and Zachary King
Ryan D. King ’02
Debra Kirk
Mary Ann Kirkpatrick
Mervin D. Kissinger Jr. and Audrey A. Kissinger
Gary and Kathleen Kline
Roy and Darlene Kline
Philip and Judy Klunk
Jeremy and Liesl Knauer
Liselotte and David Koenig
David and Lexine Kolb
Joseph and Ann Korn
Maria Koursari
Lauren and Jason Krady
Mark and Naomi Kraenbring
Ewald J. Kraenbring
Matthew and Christina Krassenstein
Harold and Doris Jean Kready
Barry ’76 and Erika Kreider
Kenneth and Violet Kreider
David and Diane Kreider
G. Frank Kreider Jr. and Barbara E. Kreider
John K. Kreider
Steven and Diane Kreider
James and Monica Kreider
Walter and Barbara Kuhl
Alexander and Cassidy Kuhl
Rodney and Judy Kuhns
Mervin and Marilyn Kurtz
Paul and Lydia ’48 Kurtz
Say Kyi
Doris ’76 and David Kyle
Lancaster Life Employment Skills Service, Inc.
Christopher and Dawn Landes
John and Gladys Landis
John and Kathryn Landis
Earl and Evelyn Landis
James ’67 and Alta ’66 Landis
Carl Landis
James and Nancy Landis
Kenneth and Marilyn Langeman
Jana Langness
Seth ’94 and Paula Laninga
Peter Laurence
Mercedes Lavender
Michael and Nancy Lawrence
Debra Lawrence
Don Lawrence
Deb Laws-Landis
Stephen and Tammie Lazor
Hans ’96 and Kara Leaman
Jennifer ’94 and Timothy Leaman
J. David and Jewel Leaman
Rebecca Leatherman ’53
Monica ’96 and Joel Lederman
Angela Lee
Dwight and Heather Lefever
Parke and Charlotte Lefever
Karlin and Kayse Lehman
Justin and Marie Lehman
Daniel ’69 and Margaret Lehman
Todd and Marianne Lehman
Cindy Lehouiller
Connie L. Leinster Jr. and Esten B. Leinster
Brian and Marcy LePrell
David Lewis and Linda Astolfi-Lewis
Michael and Erin Lichty
Cooper ’05 and Sarah Linde
Marilyn and Norm Linder
Lititz Woman’s Club
Pamela Llewellyn
Richard and Merrillee Lloyd
Gabriel and Laura Lobel
John and Nancy Locke
John P Locke III and Anna F. Locke
Robert J. Longenecker ’07
Charles ’50 and Barbara ’52 Longenecker
Jenna K. Longenecker
Longview Structures LLC
Mark and Linda Losito
Patricia A. Love
William and Deborah Lovett
Warren and Kristen Lowenthal
Angel and Carmen Lozano
Lance and Maribel Lozano
Brenda Lozano
Darlene Lozano
Marty K. Lynn
John and Amy MacKay
Maclary Family Chiropractic, PC
Karen ’97 and Christopher Maddox
Velma J. Magill ’62
Timothy and Mary Markovits
Eric and Cheryl Marshall
Marticville Middle School
J. Melvin ’64 and Shirley Martin
Laverne and John Martin
Noah and Janae Martin
Jean A. Martin
Leanna R. Martin
Lee and Ann Martin
Robert and Mary Martin
Sheryl ’84 and Steven Martin
Carol L. Martin ’73
Lew ’94 and Kayleen Martin
Ruth ’65 and Chester Martin
Mary ’54 and Luke Martin
Cheryl ’80 and Michael Martin
James and Sharon Martin
Ken and Arleta Martin
Linda ’73 and Eugene Martin
Louis and Lois Martin
Marlene ’97 and Kerry Martin
Marlin and Wanda Martin
Sally ’75 and Randall Martin
David and Kathleen Martin
Robert and Sarah Jane Martin
Trulan and Katrina Martin
Yvonne ’64 and Kenneth Martin
Tom and Ruth Anne Martin
JoAnna Isabel Martinez and Travis Cravey
Janine ’99 and Luke Mason
David ’77 and Karen Mast
Larry Mast ’73
Dale ’66 and Kathy Mast
John J. Mast ’86 and Susan L. Hochstedler
Susan J. Mast ’80
Joann and Victor Matejicka
Barbara Mazza
Esther A. Mazza
Megan McClune
Bruce and Betsy McCrae
Paula S. McCuen
Ray and Ruth McCune
Fred and Keren Mcdowell
Mary ’65 and James Melhorn
Ruth ’70 and James Mellinger
The Merck Foundation
Rebekah Merrick
Merrymaker, LLC
Elizabeth ’60 and Glenn Metzler
John ’51 and Alta ’51 Metzler
Luke Meyer
Jennifer Micciche
Michael’s Motor Cars
Henry Michel
Warren and Tina Mickley
Aimee L. Miller
Heather and Brian Miller
Daniel E. Miller Jr. ’67 and Linda S. Miller
Jennifer and Brett Miller
Ralph and Margaret Miller
Shirley H. Miller
David and Kelly Miller
Tom and Corinne Miller
Miller Contracting & Design
Margaret Mills
Nancy ’78 and Blake Minear
John and Lois Minnich
Michael and Genevieve Mogan
Patricia Mogan
Donald Moore
Nicole M. Moore
Kelly L. Moore
Doris M. Moore
John and Cristi Morgan
Judith ’70 and Fred Morgan
Angela Morrison ’10
Rev. David Moshier
Randall Mosser
Randy Mosser
Jane ’67 and David ’67 Moyer
Ralph and Deborah Muenstermann
Sharon M. Muhlfeld ’92 and John P. Muhlfeld Jr.
Lorraine Murphy ’60 and Lee Holden
David and Brenda Musselman
Kory and Crystal Musser
Shannon Musser
James and Faye Myer
Lamar and Patricia Myers
Mary Jane Myers ’63
Jason and Jessica Myers
Richard and Marian Myers
Sharon Myers
Gregory S. Myers
Lynn M. Myers
Marlin ’73 and Lisa ’84 Nafziger
Robert and Rosemary Natale
Donald ’70 and Doris ’70 Neff
Tyler and Joella Neff
C. Melvin ’64 and Dorothy Neff
Barry and Sandra Neff
Joel and Katie Marie Neff
Solomon Negewo
Matt and Alli Nelson
Lois Newcomer
Michael and Corey Newman
William and Denise Niemi
Lynette ’86 and Keith Nisly
Jeremy M. Nissley ’06
Jared ’03 and Bethany Nissley
Barbara Sue Nissley ’67
Mary Jane Nissley ’60
Elspeth Noble
Barry and Dawn Nolt
Geoffrey ’98 and Stashia Nolt
Dale and Sandra Nolt
Marvin M. Nolt ’65
Steve and Rachel Sue Nolt
Patricia and Ryan Nolt
Alexander and Gloria Novachek
Dean and Stacy Novosat
Carolyn M. Nowlin
Yvonne ’83 and R. Keith Nyce
Cynthia and Sergio Ortega
Jodi ’06 and Luis Ortiz
Phyllis and James Oswald
Rachelle Otasu
Cynthia A. Paddison
Salvatore Pagano
Cynthia Pagotto
Michael V. Palasz PC
John and Gail Palazzo
Colleen Palermo
Dwight and Vivion Palmer
Janet F. Parker
Peter and Susan Passage
Stephen L. Patches
Jere and Barbara Patches
Luther and Joann Patches
Nathan W. Patterson and Jessica J. Williams-Patterson
Gerard and Ruth Paulinellie
Thin Sar Yi Paw
Snow Paw
PayPal Giving
Brent Peiffer
John and Luann Peiffer
Nancy L. Pelet
James Richard Pessolano Jr. and Lauren Ann Pessolano
Chris and Christina Peterson
Carol E. Phillips
Ernest Pinckney
Brian and Stephanie Pinzer
Jeremy and Sarah Poague
Jean Poague
Jason and Le Ann Poague
Patricia A. Poague
Mue Poe
Thomas and Kathleen Porter
Michela Potocki
Arlan and Dori Preheim
Teresa Price
Esther ’99 and Jose Pujol
Joanne Putri
Quilt Expressions of Lancaster County
Nathan Ranck ’13
Rose A. Rapp ’86
Elizabeth Rapp van Roden
Cynthia ’76 and Robert Redcay
Barbara K. Reed ’52
Richard and Carla Reed
D. Thomas Reel
Darlene ’61 and Ronald Reighard
Daniel and Cleta Reinford
Brenda ’94 and Daniel Reinford
Mark Reinmiller
David and Pamela Reist
David and Rochelle Rentschler
Marlin ’66 and Catherine Ressler
Courtney Rebecca Ridley ’04 and Adam Blank
Robert and Carol Ringler
Justin ’96 and Stephanie Ann Risser
Debra K. Ritchey ’91
Robert and Fern Ritter
Matt & Emily Rodak
Sonny and Ann Rodriguez
Duane and Elise Roelands
Gerald ’87 and Cindy ’88 Rohrer
Jason ’96 and Sarah ’99 Rohrer
Melvin and Sue Rohrer
Ryan ’95 and Michelle Rohrer
Mervin and Betty Rohrer
Colleen E. Rojas
Suzanne Root
Nancy M. Rose
Kevin P. Ross
Glen and Annabelle Roth
Ralph and Susan Rothenberger
Stephanie O’Rourke
Brad and Lisa Rowe
Carol A. Rowe
Heather S Ruark and Horacio de la Rosa Ortiz
Ruth and Carl Rudy
Joseph Ruffini
Andrew and Laura Ruggiero
Chris Ruggiero
Harold and Carol Rush
John and Esther Rush
G. and Pamela Rutt
Phillip ’71 and Marian ’71 Rutt
Sam P Masonry LLC
Patrick and Bethany Sampsell
Irene Sanders
Virginia H. Saner ’59
Martha C. Sangree
Rolando Santiago and Raquel Trinidad
David ’59 and Joanne Sauder
John and Phyllis Sauder
Karissa J. Sauder ’06
Matthew ’96 and Jennifer Sauder
Donald ’66 and Linda Sue ’69 Sauder
R. Arlene Sauder
Susan J. Sauder
Daniel and Anna Sauder
Evelyn M Sauder ’68
Jay ’80 and Bonita ’81 Sauder
Lori Savitch
Adam and Brooke Say
Schaefferstown Family Chiropractic & Massage Therapy PC
Daniel and Janet Schell
Peter Schmidt III and Anisha Hall
Miriam ’58 and Walter Seigfried
Ethel ’54 and Glen Sell
Linda ’64 and Richard Semke
Jewel ’89 and Neal Sensenig
Janice W. Sensenig ’55
Andrew Sensenig
Julia ’72 and Jay Sensenig
Nelson and Ashley Sepulveda
John and Susan Shaffer
Lawrence P & Deborah E Shanahan
Dennis and Bonnie Sharp
Loretta ’70 and Donald Sharp
Benjamin M Shea and Amanda N. Parra
Mildred N. Shellenberger
Robert and Gwendolyn Shelly
John ’48 and Myrtle Shenk
Ethel Mae Shenk ’55
Dorothy A. Shenk ’56
J. David ’78 and Kelly Shenk
James ’71 and Donna ’71 Shenk
Norman ’50 and Jean ’50 Shenk
Gerald and Sara Shenk
Eva Lorraine Shirk ’59
Ernest A Sholly Jr. and Stephanie M. Sholly
Carolyn F. Showalter ’72
Alma ’57 and Harold Shultz
J. Philip ’93 and Deborah Siegrist
Ryan ’97 and Brittany Siegrist
J. Marvin ’66 and Donna Siegrist
E. Lester and Rebecca Siegrist
Regina ’75 and Daniel Siegrist
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Barbara Sierocinski
Yigezu Sima and Abezash Sukessa
Richard and Janet Simms
Michael Slechta
Kelley A. Sloss
Anthony and Christina Smart
Doris Lorraine Smith ’57
Jason and Naomi Smith
Timothy ’74 and Sandra ’75 Smoker
Ada ’50 and Vernon Smoker
Jeff Smoker
John E. Smucker ’02 and Kathryn E. Umble-Smucker ’02
Paul and Carolyn Snader
James and Joyce Sneddon
Thomas and Susan Snyder
Kendra Snyder
Mark and Kristy Snyder
Todd and Rebecca Snyder
Larry and Jean Sohren
Lynn Janelle Sommer and J. Scott Weaver
Zelalem A Sori and Bedhadhe K. Kenei
Speckled Hen
Todd and Jo Ann Spidle
Michael Spory
Mel Spory
Benjamin Cronin Sprunger ’09 and Candacia Greeman
JW and Deborah Sprunger
Matthew and Leslie Spurrier
Rebecca Spurrier
James and Faithe Spurrier
Virginia M. Spurrier
Joni L. Staffieri
Peter and Brittany Stahl
Rachel ’51 and Jacob Stahl
Joseph ’73 and Eileen ’75 Stahl
Norma ’70 and Bruce Stauffer
Ralph and Melinda Stauffer
Faye ’71 and Steven Stauffer
Johnathan and Karen Stauffer
Kim Stauffer
Virgene Steffen
Keith and Gail Stetler
Colette and Jason Stetler
Gary and Orpha Stevens
Robert and Patricia Stillman
Joy Stodgell
Donald and Judith Stoltzfus
Merv Stoltzfus
Ruth ’68 and John Stoltzfus
Samuel and L. Elaine Stoltzfus
Glenn ’68 and Jane Stoltzfus
Elam and Esther Stoltzfus
George ’63 and Mae ’63 Stoltzfus
Judith H. Stoltzfus
Larry ’69 and Karen Stoner
Melissa A. Stoner ’86
James ’66 and Sharon Stoner
John and Janet Stoner
Louise and Charles Strickler
Neville and Lori Stringer
Judith L. Stringham
Norma ’67 and James Strite
Ronald and Bonnie Stuart
Phyllis Stutzman
Rebekah Stutzman
Kai Su and Ling Ping Zeng
Edward B. Sutton
Esther Swartzentruber
Andrew and Christine Sweetman
Jamie Swope
Raymond and Nevia Talarczyk
Michele M. Tappany
Joseph and Carol Tatta
Tia Tedder
William C. Thomas Jr. and Sally Ann Thomas
Joyce ’69 and J. Richard Thomas
Mark and Christine Thomas
Rachael and Michael Thomas
Anthony Thomas
J. Samuel ’68 and Marian Thomas
James B. Thompson
Mayra E. Tirado-Iraheta
Cynthia A. Tomczak
Kenneth and Tamara Travis
Shawn M. Lynch and Brenda K. Trimble
John ’09 and Deborah Trimble
Joseph W. Trimble
M. Aaron Trimble
Crystal ’93 and Matthew Trost
Sylvia L. Trupe
Anthony and Sarah Trzaska
Michael Trzaska
Charles and Mariane Tuma
Samantha J. Turner
Linda ’66 and Warren Tyson
Kathleen L. Unangst
Audrey L. Sensenig
Patricia J. Feiler
Dale ’60 and Ruth Umble
J. Richard ’66 and Ruth Umble
Darlene M. Zimmerman
Steve and Joy VanPelt
Anna M. Viscusi
Romulus and M. Wilsa Voigt
Steven and Laura Walker
Matthew and Samantha Wallace
Jeffrey and Karolyn Waller
Mark Wang
Joseph and Mary Ward
Christine Ward
Carrie ’99 and Phil Warner
Lee Warren Jr. and Sherry L. Warren
James and Anitha Weaver
Stephen and Bethany Weaver
E. Paul Weaver III and Miriam I. Weaver
Linford ’76 and Barbara Weaver
Melvin and Ruth Weaver
Ronald and Lois Weaver
Jessica ’98 and Derrick Weaver
Dale ’65 and Deborah Weaver
Abbi Weaver
Andrew P. Weaver
Martin G Weaver and Eilene S. Zimmerman
Vernon and Valerie Weaver
A. Richard ’56 and Ruth Weaver
Darryl and Janice Weaver
D. Lamar ’73 and Edith ’73 Weaver
Nelson ’74 and Grace Weber
Joseph M. Weidel Jr. and Sandra M. Weidel
John Weidman
Robert B. Weinstock-Collins
Jacob and Jennifer Weitzel
Karl and Karen Wenger
Philip Ralph Wenger ’75 and Steven T. Dinnocenti
J. Calvin and Shirley Wenger
Robert and Kathy Wenger
Thomas M Wenger ’78 and Keiko Kuniyuki
Anna M. Wetzel
Keiko T. Whalen
Brian and Jennifer White
Andrew and Crystal Wiegand
Robert L. Wildasin
Trevor and Estevania Williams
Donald and Beverly Wimer
Gerald and Lucille Wingert
Peter and Phyllis Jane Witmer
Mary Ellen Witmer ’65
Jeff S. Witmer
Terrance and Tammy Witmer
Breanna A. Witmer
Roy and Patricia Wittlinger
Shannon Wittlinger
Rachelle Wittman
Katelyn N. Workman
Gloria and Anthony Worme
Robert ’61 and Naomi Wyble
Francis and Hazel Yaple
Edward Yaple
Julia M. Yoder ’47
Craig Yoder
David and Jane Yoder
John E. Yonker
Frank E & Debra J Young
Susan E. Zeager
Paul and Mary Zehr
Valerie ’90 and David Weaver-Zercher
Woodrow and Doris Ziegler
Betty J. Zimmerman
Naomi ’75 and Leon Zimmerman
Joyce Zimmerman ’67
Grant Zimmerman
Lewis and Linda Zink
Daniel ’14 and Sophia ’14 Zook
Dennis Zook
Kinley Zook
Lois ’74 and Randy Zook
Erin Zuleta
Abraham ’75 and Mary ’58 Zuniga