Pastoral Relations

Partnering with LM

Lancaster Mennonite School partners with our local participating churches and families in the mission and ministry of nurturing and educating our students. Families, churches and LM partner together to create the best possible environment for our children to grow and develop through excellent Christ-centered academics, fine arts, athletics, and problem solving skills that will help them flourish as world changers.

Pastoral Engagement

Lancaster Mennonite School was begun in 1942, during World War II, by local Mennonite pastors and leaders to walk alongside the youth of that day to encourage and equip them for their faith journey of following Jesus “in the world” and yet “not of the world.”  Learn more about LM History – click here.

Today pastors and leaders of our churches are very integral in partnering with LM in the growth and development of our students as followers of Jesus as we prepare them to be life-long learners, listeners, and world changers.

Pastors and church leaders are welcome on our campuses, including during designated times each year for pastors to visit our students, faculty and staff.

In the event of a crisis on any of our campuses, pastors are invited to be present with students to comfort and pray with our students as needed.

Pastors regularly participate in our chapel services.  If you or your pastor is interested in speaking at LM, please contact Rebecca Fennimore, LM Chapel Coordinator at

Pastor Visitation Days

Pastor Visitation Days are arranged at each campus so pastors and church leaders can get into the classrooms with their respective students. Invitations will be sent prior to these dates.

2022 Dates: October 13, 2022

2023 Dates: TBD

Pastor Breakfasts

Pastor Breakfasts at Lancaster Mennonite provide a forum for pastors, students, faculty and administrators to get to know one another and share with each other. Invitations will be sent prior to these dates.

2023 Dates: TBD

LM Church Matching Partnership

Our partnership goal is to make a significant discount available to students from partner churches that strengthens connections between congregations, families and the school. These scholarships are not need-based, but are based on donations from congregations that are matched by the school. Recipients may also qualify for need-based assistance.

Every church who has students at LM is invited and encouraged to participate as a partner church.

Partner churches can host international students, host Campus Chorale concerts, and can invite LM faculty and staff members to share and serve with their congregations.

Lancaster Mennonite is currently partnered with 29 congregations, including 13 ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference of Mennonite Church USA) and 14 LMC (known formerly as Lancaster Mennonite Conference) congregations. A full list of current partners and scholarship options can be found by clicking the buttons below.

LM and Church Conference Affiliations

Lancaster Mennonite School is blessed to have ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference of Mennonite Church USA) and LMC (known formerly as Lancaster Mennonite Conference), a fellowship of Anabaptist Churches as two bodies of local Mennonites who support and partner with the mission and ministry of LM.

In its formation LM was largely composed of churches and families from Lancaster Conference, now LMC. Later, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) joined Lancaster Conference as the two primary conferences of Lancaster Mennonite School. To this day, a majority of the Mennonite and Anabaptist students at LM attend churches within these two conferences. Currently our students come from over 180 churches in our geographical area, with Mennonites composing the largest of the denominations who attend LM.

Lancaster Mennonite School is a Conference Related Ministry of ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference of Mennonite Church USA) and is a Resource Partner Organization of LMC (known formerly as Lancaster Mennonite Conference), a fellowship of Anabaptist Churches. LM receives its accreditation through Mennonite Education Agency of Mennonite Church USA and AdvancEd, today Cognia, and since 2017 receives governance and oversight from ACC.

In addition, LM is blessed to partner with the Mennonite World Conference (MWC), which is our global Anabaptist convention. Some of our international students come from Mennonite churches around the world, including churches that are part of MWC.

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