Continuous Enrollment

Continuous Enrollment – For Returning Families

In order to provide our families with a system of enrollment that is seamless and paperless, we utilize a continuous enrollment system where students are continually enrolled from their initial enrollment into LM until the graduation of the student(s) from Lancaster Mennonite, or the termination of the agreement. The agreement is in effect from the date of enrollment and renews automatically each successive academic year.

If a student(s) will not be returning the following school year, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify LM in writing by February 1 of the current school year. If such timely notice is not received, the student will be considered enrolled for the following school year. In February, the parent/guardian will be charged the non-refundable Annual Enrollment Fee to their FACTS account. If fee is not paid by March 1, the fee will increase by $100. Beginning with June payment, as set forth in the tuition plan, the parent/guardian will become responsible for tuition payments. LM reserves the right to amend this agreement as needed with reasonable notice.

Annual Enrollment Fee

A non-refundable annual enrollment fee is required for students to be enrolled for the next school year. For each subsequent year the student(s) is enrolled at LM, this fee will be automatically charged to the family’s FACTS account each year. Once paid, the enrollment fee is non-refundable, except when contingent on financial aid.


Tuition for the following academic year will be published each year in January. Tuition shall be paid according to the plan chosen by the parent/guardian in their FACTS account. New families will be contacted by FACTS to set up their payment plan. Payments for the following school year run on a 12 month cycle beginning in June.

Continuous Enrollment FAQ

  • What is Continuous Enrollment?

In order to provide our families with a system of enrollment that is seamless and paperless, we have adopted a continuous enrollment system where students are continually enrolled from their initial acceptance into LM until the student graduates from Lancaster Mennonite School. This system allows us to better fulfill our purpose and mission in the lives of students, and more accurately plan and budget for each coming school year. When students are continuously enrolled, we are able to maximize our resources to provide Christian education to our students at the highest levels of excellence and care.

  • What is the Annual Enrollment Fee?

The Annual Enrollment Fee allows LM to secure a PreK to 11th grade student’s spot for the following school year.  This payment is collected each year in order to assist the LM administration in effectively planning for staffing and curriculum for the next academic year.  The fee is discounted for current LM families who are registered for enrollment by March 1.

Kindergarten readiness assessment will take place in the spring to determine the best classroom placement for the following school year

  • How is the Annual Enrollment Fee collected?

For current families, a discounted annual enrollment fee will be billed to their FACTS account in February.  For one returning child the fee is $150.00, and for families with multiple returning children enrolled the fee is $250.00.  (Enrollment fee does not include the application fee for any new students.)

Parents will need to go into their FACTS account on receiving the fee invoice to pay the charge, unless their account is set up to automatically pay incidental fees.  If you have set up your FACTS account for incidental fees to be automatic, the fee will be deducted from your bank account on March 1.

  • My PreK to 11th grade student will not be returning to LM next fall.  What should I do?

If you know that your student will not be returning to LM for the next academic year, please notify the Admissions Office in writing by February 1 in order to stop the Annual Enrollment Fee from being automatically charged in February.  Seniors that are graduating are not included in Continuous Enrollment.

  • What happens if I do not pay the Annual Enrollment Fee in February or opt out of enrollment by February 1?

The Enrollment Fee is discounted for our current families who do not opt out of enrollment in January.  If the fee is not paid by March 1, it increases to the regular rate of $250/one student or $350/family, and the student is not enrolled or placed on a class list for the upcoming school year.  Once the fee is paid, the student is then added to the waiting pool and will be placed on a class list as space is available.    

  • Is the Enrollment Fee refundable?

Once paid, the Annual Enrollment Fee is non-refundable, except when contingent on financial aid or other exceptions as approved by Administration.

  • How do I know what tuition rates will be each year?

Tuition rates will be distributed to current families in January of each year before the enrollment process begins for the next year. Visit the website to see current rates:

  • I plan to apply for financial aid. When should I enroll my student?

You should still pay the Annual Enrollment Fee in order to secure your student’s spot for next year and to take advantage of the discounted fee available as a current family.  The FAST application for financial aid must be completed annually to request aid, and will open in January.  Awards are typically decided in April for the coming year.  The enrollment fee is refundable when financial aid does not meet a family’s financial need.