Fees for 2023-24

High School Academic Support $867.00
Academic Support Level 1: Elementary/ Middle School $2,892.00
Academic Support Level 2: Elementary/ Middle School $4,719.00
English Language Learning - Basic Level $6,696.00
English Language Learning - Intermediate Level $4,047.00
English Language Learning-Advanced Level $3,150.00
After School Care (per hour) $7.70
Athletic Participation (per year) $180.00
Drama Participation $70.00
Spanish Immersion $265.00
Student Accident Insurance (required) $45.00
Returned Check or NSF $50.00
Senior Year at LCCTC, inc. records fee $240.00
Part Time LMS and part-time LCCTC $6,033.00
Part-time High School (per semester class, 0.5 credit)** $1,005.00
Homeschool K-8 (per semester)* $975.00

Boarding Fees for 2023-2024 -- Residential Program- High School Only

Four Nights (leave Friday night, return Monday a.m.) - Includes all meals $9,300.00
Seven-day Program - Includes all meals $14,430.00


See International Website for International Fees.

∗Homeschool K-8 all campuses (one unit = 5 periods/week for one semester)

∗∗Part-time HS is for students taking three or less credits per semester, plus insurance and registration fee