It is important for parents of a girl/boy in the Mennonite Sports Organization to remember that the philosophy/purpose of the program is to teach fundamental skills.  We want each child to enjoy the time they spend in practice and at games. The focus of your child’s involvement should not be winning or losing, but rather learning, enjoying the game, and developing relationships with others.

Please Remember
  • Children have more need for example than criticism.
  • Participation for your child and others should be a positive experience.
  • Respect and kindness should be shown to coaches. In our program the coach is a volunteer who is giving his/her time and resources to provide a recreational activity for your child. This service is offered without reward other than personal satisfaction and an occasional “thank you.”
  • Good play by your team and the opposing team should be applauded.
  • Nobody is allowed to be on the court or inside the gym while practices are actively going on. Parents may view their children’s practices from the hallways.

Referees follow the same creed—to call the game to the best of their abilities.  Please refrain from openly criticizing the referee’s judgment, and never his/her honesty. The referee is a symbol of fair play, integrity, and sportsmanship.

Accepting the results of each game is part of the game. Please encourage your child to be gracious in victory and to turn defeat into victory by working toward improvement.

Your attitude toward your child, the opposing team, the officials, and the coach influences your child’s values and behavior in sports. Criticism and disrespect for officials, coaches, and opponents can only undermine the purpose of sports. And it brings stress into the game beyond normal competition.

When your child cannot effectively cope with this stress, it contributes to behavior that is counter to the spirit of the game. Positive parents contribute to positive children.