File Formats and Usage

File Formats can be Confusing.

Between all of the different file types available, sometimes it can be difficult to know the differences between each and where they work best. Let’s take some time to break down the file formats and explore how they’re best used.

To start, the brand assets page only offers three individual formats, JPEG, PNG, and EPS. Both Jpeg and PNG are raster based, which means they store the image in pixels, or individual dots of color. This is the most common type of graphic or image. EPS is vector based, meaning it creates mathematical vectors to display the shapes and colors. Let’s take a look at what that means as far as using the files, and in what locations they work best.

JPEG Format

JPEG files are compressed, flattened files ideal for use in web applications. JPEGs do not support alpha channels and therefore cannot contain transparent backgrounds. Download these files only if you intend to place them on a pure white background. Avoid using compressed file types like JPEG in print applications when possible, and opt for lossless compression formats like PNG.

PNG Format

PNG is a lossless compression file format that supports transparent backgrounds. Use these files primarily for print applications and in situations where you need to place a file above an existing graphic. PNG files are larger in size and quality, and will be more optimal for print pieces. However, they should not be preferred over JPEGs when both are viable solutions for web.

EPS Format

EPS files are vector based files that can only be processed through a vector drawing application such as Adobe Illustrator, but can be read through most layout programs. These files can be considered the “master files,” and can be saved as any type of file and at any resolution, including web ready SVG, high resolution print elements, etc. They can also be manipulated and adjusted to fit various applications.

Type Raster Raster Vector
Lossy Compression Yes No No
Web Yes When Necessary Can be converted to JPG, SVG, etc.
Print Sparingly Yes Yes