Show TItle:  Stop Time

Times: April 20-23, 7:00 pm Thurs-Sat., 3:00 – Sun

Location: LM Calvin & Janet High Fine Arts Center Auditorium, 2176 Lincoln Hwy East, Lancaster, PA 17602

Tickets: By Donation. Tickets may be reserved by calling the school box office, 717-740-2456

“Stop Time” Begins with a look at our work and the things people do to keep themselves occupied during the day such as baking pies, assembling cars, brokering business deals and flying airplanes.  The second half begins with the wish to stop time and revert to childhood when life was a bit more carefree, or is it.  The musical showcase ends with the admonition to seize the day.  The audience will be treated to some familiar tunes such as “Nine to Five” and “Footloose” and introduced to some unfamiliar songs like “What’s Inside” and “some Things Are Meant to Be.”  All this while enjoying desserts and seated onstage within a few feet of the performers.  Don’t miss this exciting musical revue performed by 14 outstanding LM Singers and Actors.

Student Cast:

Jasper Baunee
Kay Beidler
Abby Brubaker
Mara Carlson
Julie Eshenauer Rivera
Julia Fisher
Zoey Groff
Eli Heinsey
Brennan Kauffman
Rachel Landes
Jinge Ma
Caleb Metzler
Ilse Ness
Micah Sauder